Wells Estate parkrun is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event #88 Run Report

It was truly heart-warming to be one of 111 parkrunners that participated at Wells Estate last Saturday. It was our 88th event, each event becoming more treasured than the one before. The weather was perfect and so were the smiles. Do yourself a favour and browse our latest  photos on our facebook page to see for yourself.

At parkrun there is always opportunity to chat to someone OLD, welcome someone NEW, get to know someone BORROWED and lift the spirit of someone BLUE.

"Old" friends meet up every week to have a quick chit-chat about the week past and the one ahead. Parkrun continues to grow with 9 "new" bodies that participated for the first time today. We "borrowed" 7 visitors from other parkruns who visited from East London and our local sister-parkruns - Hobie Beach and Sardinia Bay.

Arriving "blue" at parkrun is something that changes in the blink of an eye when we do the new elbo-greet with the accompanying hip-but. One can only giggle at the ingenuity of our runners! This is the start to a brand new culture at parkrun...no "buts" about it!

12 volunteers ensured yet another Wells Estate parkrun started and ended this week without a hiccup. We are grateful for your selfless service.

Our legendary Route C (pathway only) graciously allowed 31 runners to improve on their personal best run time. Some were able to walk faster, whilst others ran faster. Competition? No, parkrun is not into that type of pressure. You compete with you alone. If you hit a PB this week, savour the moment, smile, jump with joy, but know that you have now lifted that bar all by yourself. Congratulations!

If a PB continues to escape you, my friend, you should either run faster (wink!) or make peace and just enjoy the fresh air...and one day soon, Wells' Route C will surprize you too.

We will update you on this page regarding future events. Keep watching.

Thanks for your continued support.


Event #87 Run Report


78 runners participated on 7 March 2020 at Event #87. Like parkruns across the world, we, at Wells Estate also celebrated International Women's Day; splashes of purple could be seen everywhere.

Of the 78 runners, 41 were male, 35 female and only 2 didn't have their barcodes.

The 2 first timers to parkrun were ladies, one that had specifically been recruited by a lady friend, that had herself, been recruited by yet another lady, which, in our opinion, is quite cool. Keep spreading the parkrun word!

Apart from the 2 newbies, 5 parkrunners visited Wells Estate for the first time. Fifteen friendly volunteers ensured that each and every new and regular parkrunner saw and felt the unique Wellsies vibe. We are thankful for the open hands and open hearts of each volunteer.

A run on the beach is the ultimate start to any day - when it can be shared with like-minded friends, it is all the more enjoyable. Our B-Route (pathway-beach) delivered 4 PB's this week. Three of the four runners that improved on their previous best run time, were ladies! You go, Girls!

Parkrun milestones are special and this week we celebrated three:

Uncle Brian Smith had volunteered on 25 separate occasions. Thank you, Uncle Brian, your voluntary service to parkrun is appreciated.

Claude Claassen andv his lovely wife, Magda, celebrated their 100th parkrun milestone at Wells Estate. It is good to see husbands and wives participate together.

Parkrun is perfect fun for all "walks" of life. Come see some walk like Egyptians next week...Wink-wink



Event #86 Run Report

I am certain that the six first timers to parkrun who had initially "leapt into the dark", not quite knowing what to expect of their first attempt to 5km at Wells Estate, had leapt with joy at the end of their run/walk: "Thank Goodness, we completed this parkrun business successfully, and what an adventure it was!"

The majority of the first timers, as well as the visitors to our parkrun, were young girls or ladies, which is encouraging, especially since our International Woman's Day parkrun takes place next week on 7 March 2020.

Of the 89 runners that participated at Wells Estate, 44 were male, 39 were female and 6 are "unknown" runners. The 6 "unknowns" didn't have their barcodes; they therefore (sadly) do not know how fast or slow they walked or ran. They will remember to register and also remember to pack their barcodes for next week, that is sure!



To celebrate leap day, we encouraged runners to wear mismatched socks. The 21 runners that improved on their personal best run times must have done so due to this mix-match of coloured socks, long socks and short socks. It was so nice to "ooh-and-aah" and giggle together at our silly-socks.

Two of our runners managed to time their 29th parkrun to coincide with Leap Day, 29 February 2020. We trust that they enjoyed this special run.

Two first time visitors to Wells Estate "visited" us again yesterday. This speaks volumes! Our volunteers work hard at making Wells Estate a pleasant parkrun for every runner and their efforts are paying off. We are grateful for each and every voluntary act of this kindness.

Next week, remember to:

> dress in anything purple (if you can)

> bring a (registered) lady friend

Have a great week!


Freedom Day parkrun


Wells Estate parkrun will be hosting a Freedom Day parkrun on Monday 27 April 2020 at 08h00.

We invite all parkrunners, family and friends to join in the fun. We are also expecting many out of town visitors. All parkrunners will get a parkrun credit for completing this event.

Please mark this date in your parkrun dairy.


Event #85 Run Report


Speaking on behalf of 106 runners that participated at Wells Estate's 85th Event today: "This is the highlight of our week! Parkrunday! Yay!" Parkrun is an event you can get dressed for, but you get to wear your tekkies - comfort. What more can a person ask for?

Hugs. "Did you think we come to parkrun to run?!" Folks, you ain't seen >family< until you've been to Wells Estate parkrun. Not a hug-y person, we'll take your hand, that's a pinky promise.

Our event grows steadily each week. Three newbies made a decision to join parkrun and came to check out Wells Estate's B Route. The 2.5km tarmac pathway had been followed by a 2km firm beach and finished off with about 500m inexplicably super soft sand.

Our 10 first time visitors from Komani, Jeffreys Bay and East London respectively, now also know what to expect from their next visit to Wells. If you've been to us once, you'll want to come again and again.

It is difficult to refrain from claiming one's event or one's volunteers as "the best" since parkrun events do not compete among each other. Let us then agree as follows: Of all the venues >Home is where the Heart is< and we, at Wells Estate absolutely looooove parkrun.

Parkrun is contagious.

Allow me to share a parkrun-jewel: One of our more "stationary" volunteers, that have been serving faithfully for a number of weeks now as timekeeper, token hand out/collect and barcode scanning announced today with the brightest of smiles: "Next week I want to see for myself what the rave is all about." You go, Girl!! "but I'm not going to run..."

Parkrun is for walkers also.

Till next week!

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