Tis the season to be …



...Celebrating with loved ones

...spreading love and happiness

... register for parkrun

... better my parkrun PB


Can you believe it's December already?  Us neither.

10 !! T E N !! WOW 10... Thank you to one and all, volunteers, runners, walkers and some crawlers. You guys are amazing.

114 Runners braved the early Wellington heat on our beautiful route at the picturesque  Imbuko Estate.  Well done to you all whom set up new PB's and to those who came close, don't quit, you will get there.

Remember to bring along those water bottles, caps and some sun protection.



Volunteers always happy to show you in the right direction, even in scorching temperatures.

Now that everyone is going into holiday mode (the lucky ones), the malls get busy (with that elusive Boney M song repeating itself over and over in your head) and the kids nagging you they're bored, we wish you a festive and blessed holiday season.  If you're traveling, be safe. We can't wait to have you back on your route.  If  you are staying home, see you every Saturday in December.


If you are still looking for that perfect gift to give your loved one, look no further.   Scroll down to the bottom of this post.   No need to thank us, you attendance is more than enough.


Picture of our infamous "hill" The Glutes destroyer.

Ever wondered how many Registered runners Wellington parkun have ?  Or do you want some interesting stats ?

Wonder no more.

Registrations   616   ( Wellington parkrun registered parkrunners )

Runs 1266 ( Number of athletes ran our route )

Volunteers 26 ( Number of volunteers )