Voortrekker Monument parkrun, Pretoria is cancelled on 2021-12-04 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

A parkrun full of fun – 14 March 2020

A hopped, skipped and jumped around the Voortrekker Monument parkrunRun Report 1

Never a dull moment when visiting Voortrekker Monument parkrun as 15 Awesome and cheerful volunteers helped make Saturday another awesome event - full of celebrationsRun Report 5.

On 14 March 2020 the Voortrekker Monument parkrun welcomed 614 parkrunners who sprinted, run, jogged and walked the lovely and historic course around the Voortrekker monument.   We welcomed 151 first timers and celebrated 128 new personal bests.Run Report 4

No parkrun can happen without awesome and high spirited volunteers and our heroes Saturdays was:
Farron YSSEL • Cheryl VAN DER MERWE • Norbert HANNWEG • Nadia BELL • Simon KANTOR • Helen KEMSLEY • Dou KLEEFSTRA • Jocelyn GREER • Nolwazi DUBE • Lusinda LANDMAN • Kobus BOTES • Thea VAN DEN HEEVER • Hugo VAN DEN HEEVER • Tumi MONYEKI • Heinrich VAN BILJON

Run Report 6

Do you want to become part of the Hi-Viz volunteers of Voortrekker Monument parkrun?

Do you and your friends and family want to be the heroes for the day?

Are you Ill or injured?

Or just need a break???

Email us on: voortrekkermonument@parkrun.com

   Run Report 3 Run Report 2


#DFYR = Don’t Forget Your Barcode

We counting down the days until Saturday... planning where we will go for the weekly parkrun fix - and how far we are from milestones... Before Saturday - there is some frequently asked questions with answers regarding the most valuable item at parkrun... YOUR BARCODE:


1) Can i bring my barcode on my smartphone / watch and you scan me in?
We are afraid not - we only accept the following : printed barcodes (as it clearly states on your barcode when you receive it), plastic barcodes or the official parkrun wristbands.

2) WHY aren't you accepting my barcode on my smartphone/watch?
To the Event Directors and the core volunteer team (and all volunteers) YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER and by handing us your barcode, we get to know you personally and thank you by name!  Many of the smartphones and watches do not show us all the details.

3) What happens in case of an emergency?
On you barcode - you have a ICE contact number and if there is any kind of emergency - we can contact your loved ones to advise them. 
On the Smartphones, you have to unlock the phone, and if you are unable to assist the Run Director or Event directors with this - we dont be able to contact your loved ones.  The ICE contact might also not be displayed on the digital version of the barcode

4) I forgot/lost my barcode... can you please add my time?
if you ran without a barcode at an event, unfortunately we operate on a no barcode - no result policy and we are afraid you have lost our result and have to wait 1 week longer to reach your milestone.
If you have lost your barcode - its easy to retrieve. Simply follow the link in the weekly newsletter or on an old result email and download it and reprint it.
if you scared you will keep forgetting or loosing your barcode, you can order a wristband and it is also accepted,   You order your Swift band or ID Bank from Tenbits (https://www.tenbits.co.za/)


5)  Can i run without a barcode?
YES,but you won't get a time or result for the week and if you have an emergency - we can't contact your family!
if you cross the finish line, please take a token and stay in the finish funnel. Ducking out of the funnel will severely distorts the results! Please give your token back to the barcode scanner.

We need to keep it simple and not complicate it for the result processor weekly - thus - #DFYB







International Women’s day parkrun

On 8 March 2020 - we celebrated International Women's day - but we honored all the lovely ladies who did the parkrun with us!  We celebrated a 250th run with a Female - Well done Surina De Jager on this great achievement!

 2 5

The Voortrekker Monument parkrun welcomed 563 parkrunners who ran, jogged and walked the course.  Of the 563 parkrunners - we had 116 first-timers and with the help of pacers and determination of the parkrunners themselves - we celebrated 128 NEW Personal Bests - so well done to every one of the 563 runners who finished and cheered each other on!

parkruns are made possible by volunteers and without these heroes - it won't be possible - after a difficult week with appeals for volunteers - we managed to gather 18 volunteers who cheered you on - and ensured the event took place.  Thank you to our AWESOME HEROES:

Rachael MCKEE • Gareth GREER • Yolandi MEULKE • Farron YSSEL • Heinz MEULKE • Norbert HANNWEG • Nadia BELL • Carel VAN AARDT • Marlene KILLOCH • Vaughan KILLOCH • Sandra MANSVELDER • Jaimee WOLFAARDT • Nadine GREER • Jocelyn GREER • Nolwazi DUBE • Lusinda LANDMAN • Thea VAN DEN HEEVER • Lisa SWART


Are you a fast runner like Gareth or Rachael??

Are you nursing injuries like Nadia and Norbert??

Do you want to make it a family affair like Carel, Marlene, Vaughan and Carissa??

Do you like cheering everyone on during a parkrun??

We welcome old, young, fast or injured or just someone who needs a rest from running - but still need the parkrun fix! If you want to volunteer in March - please email us on: voortrekkermonument@parkrun.com and we will happily slot you in and give you training1

See you on 14 March 2020 for another parkrun event at 08:00



Leaping for joy on leap year day parkrun 2020

Run report 2902 (2)

It was raining at 07:30 and a lot of runners reconsidered running on such a special day! For months parkrunners across the global was planning where they will run on 29 February 2020 and Voortrekker  Monument parkrun was ready for them, all set up, dressed up and ready to rock and run with crazy outfits.

We decided to have a crazy dress parkrun to celebrate the first ever parkrun on 29 February 2020 and we had a great fun parkrun.  And the parkrunners delivered with great outfits, great spirit and awesome vibes. From froggies leaping around the course, witches who forgot their brooms, tutu runners, a sharky (think he got lost with all the rain) and pajama runners, and the good news was - EVERYONE won a free parkrun of their chose  - travel costs excluded.

We welcomed some visitors from all over, the Rondlopers and Daphe Kirsten (from Passionate about parkrun) joined us and make the day unforgettable for themselves and the parkrunners - even stepping in and volunteering!)Rondlopers
The Rondlopers Finally come to visit Voortrekker Monument parkrun

This morning (as the rain stopped just in time for the parkrun) 401 parkrunners,ran, jogged, walked and leaped around course. We welcomed 89 first timers and 104 recorded new Personal Bests at Voortrekker monument parkrun.

The event was made possible by 24 cheerful Volunteers: Dressed up and cheering everyone on around the course! Our heroes for today was:
Cavey PARKER • Farron YSSEL • Nico VAN HOEPEN • Norbert HANNWEG • Nadia BELL • Harley ALLKINS • Ronel DU PLESSIS • Ridwaan FAKIR • Doris DONDUR • Carel VAN AARDT • Marlene KILLOCH • Khatija FAKIR • Jocelyn GREER • Nolwazi DUBE • Carisa BOTHA • Josiah MASANGO • Lusinda LANDMAN • Mpho MASANGO • Daphne KIRSTEN • Kobus BOTES • Thea VAN DEN HEEVER • Hugo VAN DEN HEEVER • Liandri VAN ROOYEN * Arrie Nel

The Core volunteer team at Voortrekker monument with some visiting volunteers

Tailwalkers heading up the fort

We are back at parkrun next week - so please consider volunteering (yes fast runners can volunteer as well)!

see you all next week for a another great run!!

Below is our Favorite parkrunners for the day!  From Dancing monkeys, a parkrun memory lane, ms Frog,  and a sharkry
parkrunners leaping into parkrun
The dancing monkeys

run report 3
A parkrunner's memory lane!

Run Report  2902
Team Rondlopers

Sprinting up the flat up hill

Run  report 2
Mrs Frog - from die Rondlopers

RUn Report 4
A shark in Pretoria.
Run  Report 1
Rocky showed up as well! running in his USA flag!


Updated entrance and security measures


After an emergency meeting with the Voortrekker Monument, Impi Security Services and Voortrekker Monument parkrun, the following security measures will now be in place with effect from 07 March 2020.

These measures are put into place for your safety and the safety of everyone at Voortrekker Monument.

ENTRANCE to Voortrekker Monument parkrun

  • Gate 2 open at 07:00 and closes at 08:00 – you are welcome to arrive early and start walking to the start point enjoying a bit of history and nature before the big parkrun at 8:00

Entrance at Gate 2 on the R101


  • Barcodes will be checked on arrival and a parking card will be given to the vehicle entering the Nature Reserve. This ticket needs to be returned on exit to the Voortrekker Monument security at the Main Gate (Gate 1). Families and friends all travelling together, please keep all barcodes on hand to ensure the entrance to the parkrun is free-flowing and hassle free.

No Barcode * No results * No exceptions

Registration Entrance


Example of the barcode that will be checked - Tenbit wristbands are also be accepted

  • If you are running a bit late – a charge of R15.00 will be charged on entrance at the main gate from 07:55 – 08:10 (thereafter, the full price will be charged as at this point you are too late for parkrun in any case).

PARKING for parkrun:

Parking for the Voortrekker Monument parkrun is as follows:

  • To the left and right of the funnel
  • Across the road from the funnel
  • On the side of the road heading up to the monument – and fort – but please ensure your vehicle is not an obstruction to the parkrunners, and therefore to you.
  • NOT in front of the Monument as its for paying customers only.



Parking map where to park for Voortrekker monument parkrun

Please respect these measures as this is to keep the parkrunners safe at all time and still ensure everyone is having a great time at the parkrun.

We look forward to having you at parkrun in the near future!