Updated entrance and security measures


After an emergency meeting with the Voortrekker Monument, Impi Security Services and Voortrekker Monument parkrun, the following security measures will now be in place with effect from 07 March 2020.

These measures are put into place for your safety and the safety of everyone at Voortrekker Monument.

ENTRANCE to Voortrekker Monument parkrun

  • Gate 2 open at 07:00 and closes at 08:00 – you are welcome to arrive early and start walking to the start point enjoying a bit of history and nature before the big parkrun at 8:00

Entrance at Gate 2 on the R101


  • Barcodes will be checked on arrival and a parking card will be given to the vehicle entering the Nature Reserve. This ticket needs to be returned on exit to the Voortrekker Monument security at the Main Gate (Gate 1). Families and friends all travelling together, please keep all barcodes on hand to ensure the entrance to the parkrun is free-flowing and hassle free.

No Barcode * No results * No exceptions

Registration Entrance


Example of the barcode that will be checked - Tenbit wristbands are also be accepted

  • If you are running a bit late – a charge of R15.00 will be charged on entrance at the main gate from 07:55 – 08:10 (thereafter, the full price will be charged as at this point you are too late for parkrun in any case).

PARKING for parkrun:

Parking for the Voortrekker Monument parkrun is as follows:

  • To the left and right of the funnel
  • Across the road from the funnel
  • On the side of the road heading up to the monument – and fort – but please ensure your vehicle is not an obstruction to the parkrunners, and therefore to you.
  • NOT in front of the Monument as its for paying customers only.



Parking map where to park for Voortrekker monument parkrun

Please respect these measures as this is to keep the parkrunners safe at all time and still ensure everyone is having a great time at the parkrun.

We look forward to having you at parkrun in the near future!


The Voortrekker Monument is a Heritage Site as well as a Nature Reserve. Therefore no dogs are allowed on the monument’s premises accept for guide dogs.

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