Coach’s corner with Coach G

Coach G

Hello all, hope you have all enjoyed our first week on level 4 and made the most of the 3 hours available to you. I thought I would share my observations while running in our neighborhood.

Most people exercising outside in the morning were wearing masks/buffs or at least had a mask/buff they could put on if they got to close to other people.

  • People were friendly and were happy to say hello, even the cyclists ;-)
  • People driving cars seem to be very distracted and not always aware of the people, running, walking or cycling. Please be very careful and don’t assume the driver has seen you. I personally had two very close calls.
  • There is definitely  a criminal element out there. Cyclists were hijacked over the weekend in Pta and Jhb, and runners have been attacked. Please be very careful when you go out.
  • If you are staying alone and you are going out running or cycling, please let someone know when you leave and when you get back.
  • Don't run with your phone visible.
  • If you are running with earphones in, make sure you are still aware of your surroundings.

Top Tip: Consider running with a pepper spray in case your are robbed or get attacked

Until next time: Be safe *  keep fit * obey the rules

Coach G is a regular parknners at the Voortrekker Monument parkrun and is a professional running coach who coaches some of the parkrunners who regularly run at the Voortrekker monument parkrun. Coach G is coaching these parkrunners as a community service to give back to the community where he reside.

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