Introducing Virtual parkruns!


We still in lockdown but are now allowed to exercise between 06:00 - 09:00 every morning with some rules to follow:(
Because we as Event Directors and Volunteers are missing parkrun and our regular parkrunners, we are starting a Virtual parkruns!

This weekend - 09 May 2020 - we will have our inaugural Virtual parkrun!
It is going to be easy and quick to complete - in your own time! This is how it will work:
* Select your outfit and favorite mask /buff
* Lace up, and select your route.
* Run your 5km at your favorite route (5km radius from your home)
* Take a Photo or 3 and post it onto Facebook on the Voortrekker Monument parkrun page (we will create a post)
take photos of yourself, the route, your sunrise or even your time and route!
* Post the photo onto Facebook and we will share some of the photos on Instagram and Facebook later in the week!
* Like the photos!

Unfortunately this is not an official parkrun, but just a fun way to keep in touch with our favorite parkrunners. we just like to show our parkrunners that we can still have fun even when we are not able to see you!
As this is not an official parkrun event  - this will not count toward any official runs or your parkrun milestones :(

Hope you will be joining us for the inaugural Virtual parkrun and every weekend there after!

Enjoy running outside and keep safe while running!