New Year’s Day 2019 Event

Roodepoort parkrun will be hosting a parkrun on 1 January 2019 at 9AM!


July Monthly Prizewinner

Congratulations to Anthony Reed for winning July's Monthly Prize, courtesy of

The Sweatshop

Anthony, please collect your prize from the Run director at your next parkrun.

Well done, and Happy running!


Mid-year Madness

Hello All

It's that time of year when everyone gets Comrades fever. For runners and spectators alike May 31st will be a very special day: a South African tradition like no other. As was clearly pointed out at a recent parkrun, I will be attempting my first Comrades marathon this year, but hold your applause, because I won't be alone. There are a number of Roodepoort regulars that will be taking on the challenge, some for the first time, some much more experienced, but it will no doubt be a challenge for all. And so I'm sure I share everyone's sentiments when I say good luck to everyone who will be running Comrades this year, and I'm sure you'll have the support of every parkrunner!

Moving on to matters closer to home, firstly we'd like to congratulate the winner of April's parkrunner of the month award, as always generously sponsored by The Sweat Shop: Sean Mitchley. Please see the Run Director at your next run to collect your prize.

The Sweatshop

Over the last few months we've had a number of juniors complete 10 parkruns and earn their Junior Club 10 certificates. Congratulations to each of them. However, there are still a number of certificates that have not be claimed. Could the following juniors please arrange to collect their certificates from the Run Director at your next parkrun:

  • Reagan Liebenberg
  • Dylan Adriaanse
  • Andrea Brown
  • Jessica Fisher
  • Mieftaagoe-Deen Jardine
  • Gugulethu Khumalo
  • Gabriella Prando
  • Mikayla Prando
  • Divan Vermaak
  • Keaton Davies

There are also a few red Club 50 t-shirts that have not yet been claimed. Those are:

  • Renee Ameen
  • Ann Bennett

Please collect your shirt at your next run.

On that note, if you have completed 50 parkruns and you'd like to claim your shirt sponsored by Adidas, you can do that by accessing your parkrun profile using the link on any of your results emails. There you'll see an option called "club progress". That's where you select the size you'd like. Soon after that your shirt will be available to collect at the parkrun event.


As always, our parkruns are made possible by our sponsors and our volunteers. By volunteers, I mean you. We'd like everyone to try to volunteer at least 3 times a year. That way, everyone gets a turn to help out and volunteers get a chance to run. If you would like to help out, it's very easy: There is a volunteer roster hanging on its hook at every parkrun event directly behind the barcode scanners. Simply write down your name and we'll add you to the roster. We'll even send out a reminder email so that you don't forget. Alternatively, send an email to and let us know when you'd like to help out. Lately we've needed more volunteers than before, simply because of the increasing number of participants, so there'll always be a place for you.

Speaking of sponsors, Adidas have been visiting our parkrun every week for a while now, and I've been led to believe that they'll be there for a while longer. If you need any advice regarding running shoes (or walking shoes) or if you'd like to test-drive a pair of Adidas shoes to see how they feel, then feel free to approach them and have a chat. It's surprising how important it is to have the right shoes that fit properly. They can make all the difference to your running experience.


There is a small group of people that have taken it upon themselves to ensure the maintenance of Len Rutter Park and the Lapa. They are known as the Friends of Len Rutter, and are represented by George Taylor, one of our regular parkrunners. It's thanks to these people that the grass is kept cut, and the park is kept in a usable condition. On Tuesday 16th June they will be holding a team relay event to raise funds for the upkeep and additions to the lapa. Relay teams will consist of 3-4 runners each, and the event starts at 9:00. For more information, George Taylor will be able to answer your questions at the park. Look out for him. Please note that this is Not a parkrun event. Apparently there will also be a dog walk on the 16th June, also at 9:00, so bring along your 4 legged friends for a day out.


Lastly, I have a gripe: Recently we received a nice new batch of position tokens. Those are the tags that every runner is given when they cross the finish line. Their purpose is to tell the scanners what position you came in, and that matches up with your time on the stopwatch. However, lately we've noticed a number of these tags have gone missing. Folks, please do Not take the tokens home with you; we need them, all of them, in order to ensure that the results are accurate. If you do come across any that may have gone missing, please return them to us.

As always, we look forward to seeing you all in the park, and until then, stay safe, and Happy Running!

Philip Gray




Greetings, fellow parkrunners.

Good news: Stock of the outstanding Adidas t-shirts are slowly flowing in, so hopefully we'll be able to get everyone's shirts to them very soon. As shirts come in, we will be making announcements, as well as publishing the names here and on our facebook page, so keep your ears and eyes peeled.

Remember that Juniors (children 17 and younger) who complete 10 parkruns are awarded with a Club 10 certificate. If your young one has not yet received their certificate, please be sure to mention it to the Run Director at your next parkrun.

Another bit of good news is that thanks to the Florida community, as well as a donation from parkrun SA, we now have working toilets to use in the Lapa. This has been a pain in our sides for a long time, and we're very glad that it is being attended to. They're not completed yet, and the Friends of Len Rutter are constantly looking for ways to finance the completion of the facilities, but they're certainly well on the way. We'd like to thank George Taylor, as well as Mike from Olicazest, and George Karas for their exceptional work so far. As well as working on the toilets, George Taylor has been very instrumental in making sure the grass is cut regularly, and Mike has placed permanent poles along the route to replace the red flags that we used to use.

Saturday 25th of April is our 3rd Birthday! We've been informed that the Rolling Barista, our resident coffee van will have a birthday special. Also, feel free to bring a picnic breakfast and celebrate the occasion any way you choose. We'd also like to invite all our parkrunners to take plenty of photos and post them on the Facebook page, to help make this a memorable occasion.

Our call for volunteers has generally been very well received in the past, and we'd like to thank everyone who has volunteered in the past. However, we would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to do their part. If you would like to volunteer, please put your name down on the Volunteer Roster clipboard which is right behind the scanners at the parkrun every Saturday. Alternatively, you can also send an email to

We hope to see you all very soon in the park.

Keep running...


Monthly Prize Winner – February

Congratulations to Pieter Dreyer for winning February's Monthly Prize, courtesy of

The Sweatshop

Pieter, please collect your prize from the Run director at your next parkrun.

Well done, and Happy running!


Happy New Year!

As the kids get back to school, and we all get back into our routines, it's good to look back at the enjoyable festive season we've had, as well as look forward to the future.


December has been a bumper month, with Roodepoort holding additional events on Christmas day and New Year's day, one of only 5 parkruns nationwide to do so. Both events proved successful, attracting first-timers and visitors alike. On New Year's Day, about half of the field was made up of visitors from other parkruns in Jo'burg, and many of those managed to do 2 parkruns on that day, the first time we've ever done that in this country. Also, our friends at The Sweat Shop kindly donated a monthly prize that we gave away on Christmas day to the most Christmassy runner. Congratulations to Larisa Liebenberg for winning this gift.

The Sweatshop

Since then, things have gone a bit crazy. On the 10th and 17th of January, we successively broke our attendance records, now being more than 540 runners. Wow! It's certainly heart-warming to see so many people out in the park getting their weekly exercise.


There have been so many runners completing milestone runs in recent weeks that I can't mention them all, but there are a few that deserve a special mention. Thelma Fouche is probably the first octogenarian in the country to reach 100 parkruns, and even received a special mention in the national newsletter. As far as we can tell, Bets Taylor is the first walker in Roodepoort to complete 100 parkruns by walking only. The number of juniors joining the 50 club is growing steadily, with Chloe Vine being the latest member, joining Cate Walker-Campbell and Mornè van Jaarsveld in this somewhat exclusive club. We've also witnessed a number of juniors completing 10 parkruns, but none quite like Mikayla Prando, who was the first lady in 7 of the 10 runs that she has done. Congratulations to everyone who has completed milestone runs recently.


Please note that we will still be collecting for Angel's Place until the end of January. Please refer to our Facebook page for a wishlist of the items that they most need. One thing that they have mentioned they have a particular need for is prepaid electricity. Their meter details will also be on the wishlist on the Facebook page.


As organisers and volunteers, we really enjoy hosting parkrun, and we really like to see people taking part, so it isn't too much to ask that our runners also come to the party and play their part by sticking to these simple guidelines below:

  • No barcode = No result: No Exceptions. We've yet to see a parkrunner 'forget' their running shoes, so it shouldn't be too difficult to remember your barcode as well. Keep a spare one in every car you're likely to use. Also, please ensure that you fasten it securely, as we've seen a lot of people losing their barcodes on the route.
  • Dogs: Personally we have nothing against dogs, and we really enjoy hosting our furry friends, but they must be kept on a Short leash and be friendly. If your dog is known to be snappy or responds badly to large crowds, then parkrun is probably not for them.
  • 2 Laps: The Roodepoort parkrun is a 2 lap course. Only cross the finish line if you have completed both laps. If you only complete 1 lap, please stop short of the finish line.
  • Other park users: One of the rules of parkrun handed down to us from the head office is that we are to share the park with anyone else that is using it, and that we do not have any preference. That refers to other parkrunners. Nobody has any right of way in the park, and we'd like everyone to be considerate to other parkrunners. Notwithstanding, we'd ask that slower runners and walkers stick to single file in order to allow faster runners the chance to get past. It just makes sense from a 'traffic control' view point.
  • Only finish once: Please only cross the finish line once. If you have finished and you are accompanying another runner on their finish, please veer off before the finish line.
  • We start at 8am sharp! As our number have been steadily growing, we've noticed that it sometimes takes a bit of time to find parking, so please make an effort to be at the park 15 minutes early to allow time to get to the start line in time.
  • Volunteers: We have been very lucky, in that there is often no shortage of volunteers, and we all appreciate the work that they do. However, now that our numbers are growing, we will likely need a few extra volunteers each week to help out at the finish area, including a marshal to remind the first-timers that they need to complete 2 laps. Please fill in your names on the volunteer roster on Saturdays if you'd like to help us out, or send an email to


It looks like 2015 promises to be an exciting year for running, and in general. We hope to see you all in the park, and hope that you all achieve all your personal goals throughout the year.

Happy Running!



Be Prepared

Hi All

It's likely that we'll have quite a few visitors to our parkrun on Thursday, 1st January. Please note, that alas our toilet facilities are currently not operational. Therefore, please arrange to stop at a garage on the way if the need arises. Otherwise, there is a Wimpy at Florida Junction, not far from our park, where you can grab breakfast afterwards, and make use of their facilities.

Hopefully we'll be making the necessary repairs in the next month or two.

Thank you.


Extra Events

Please note that the Christmas parkrun will take place at 8:00am like usual.

The New Year's parkrun will take place at 9:00am, to give you time to do the event at Delta park at 7:30, or for a quick "hair-of-the-dog" for those who might need it.

Hope to see you all there!


Christmas Charity Drive

Hello All

The beneficiary of our Charity Drive this season is Angel's Place, which is a home for abused and neglected children, often in the process of entering the foster system. they are located just up the road in Discovery.  They currently care for about a dozen children, between the age of 2 and 18. Their needs are simple but essential. They are looking for non-perishable foods, cleaning products, and more importantly, prepaid electricity. We will have printed lists of all their requirements available at parkrun events in the near future and we'll be collecting all through December and into January, if the supply continues.

Often we don't realise how much money we spend at this time of year, so I'm sure an extra couple of items in your trolley probably won't even be noticed, but the kids of Angel's Place will certainly appreciate your generosity.

Please note that we will NOT take cash donations, but if you would like to make a financial contribution, you can get more details from their website, which is

Let's show these kids how big our hearts really are!



December Newsletter

Greetings, Fellow parkrunners

December is here, and the end of the year is just around the corner. This year has seen a number of exciting happenings, our first 100 parkrunners, our record numbers to date, and many more personal accomplishments on the parts of our runners, I'm sure.

First and foremost, I'd like to congratulate Julie Leibrandt for being awarded October's 'parkrunner of the Month' award, and she walks away with a voucher proudly donated by The Sweat Shop.

The Sweatshop


Christmas is just around the corner, and we have a few things planned for this time of year. Firstly, we will be doing a charity drive, we're still working out the details, but as soon as we know more, we'll put out the word. So watch this space...

Also, for the first time in Roodepoort's history, we'll be holding events on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. And as a special treat, you'll have the opportunity to do 2 parkruns on New Year's Day. How, you may ask? Well, it works like this: Delta is holding their event at 7:30, and the Roodepoort event will be at 9:00. So, if you are fleet footed and you know your way around the roads, you can run Delta, then drive swiftly but safely to Roodepoort and do a second 5km. Obviously this isn't for everyone, but those hard core runners who feel at home running a quick 10km could very well consider this option.


I'd like to take this opportunity to re-iterate some parkrun etiquette:

  • No Barcode = No Result: Please remember to bring your barcode to Every event. Obviously we expect the occasional technical issue, and we're prepared to deal with those, but if you simply forget to bring your barcode, you won't receive your results, and your time will be listed as 'Unknown'.
  • Dogs: While dogs on leads are most welcome to join in parkun events, we would ask that if they are not social and well behaved that you rather leave them at home.
  • Starting time: Please note that every parkrun event starts at 8:00am Sharp! Because of the number of people trying to get in and find parking, please make a point of arriving 15 minutes early to be sure that you're at the start line on time.
  • Public park: Even though it may seem that we take over the park on a Saturday morning, nobody has exclusive rights to the park. Therefore, please be aware of, and give way to other park users. This includes faster or slower runners. There is enough space for everyone.


We have an exciting month ahead, and this time of year is always a bit crazy. I'm sure a lot of our parkrunners will be going away on holiday. If so, take a look at the website for a parkrun close to where you're going, and become a parkrun tourist.

No matter where you are travelling, if at all, please take care of yourselves and your families, be vigilant and drive safely.

Until next time, Happy Running!

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