Mid-year Madness

Hello All

It's that time of year when everyone gets Comrades fever. For runners and spectators alike May 31st will be a very special day: a South African tradition like no other. As was clearly pointed out at a recent parkrun, I will be attempting my first Comrades marathon this year, but hold your applause, because I won't be alone. There are a number of Roodepoort regulars that will be taking on the challenge, some for the first time, some much more experienced, but it will no doubt be a challenge for all. And so I'm sure I share everyone's sentiments when I say good luck to everyone who will be running Comrades this year, and I'm sure you'll have the support of every parkrunner!

Moving on to matters closer to home, firstly we'd like to congratulate the winner of April's parkrunner of the month award, as always generously sponsored by The Sweat Shop: Sean Mitchley. Please see the Run Director at your next run to collect your prize.

The Sweatshop

Over the last few months we've had a number of juniors complete 10 parkruns and earn their Junior Club 10 certificates. Congratulations to each of them. However, there are still a number of certificates that have not be claimed. Could the following juniors please arrange to collect their certificates from the Run Director at your next parkrun:

  • Reagan Liebenberg
  • Dylan Adriaanse
  • Andrea Brown
  • Jessica Fisher
  • Mieftaagoe-Deen Jardine
  • Gugulethu Khumalo
  • Gabriella Prando
  • Mikayla Prando
  • Divan Vermaak
  • Keaton Davies

There are also a few red Club 50 t-shirts that have not yet been claimed. Those are:

  • Renee Ameen
  • Ann Bennett

Please collect your shirt at your next run.

On that note, if you have completed 50 parkruns and you'd like to claim your shirt sponsored by Adidas, you can do that by accessing your parkrun profile using the link on any of your results emails. There you'll see an option called "club progress". That's where you select the size you'd like. Soon after that your shirt will be available to collect at the parkrun event.


As always, our parkruns are made possible by our sponsors and our volunteers. By volunteers, I mean you. We'd like everyone to try to volunteer at least 3 times a year. That way, everyone gets a turn to help out and volunteers get a chance to run. If you would like to help out, it's very easy: There is a volunteer roster hanging on its hook at every parkrun event directly behind the barcode scanners. Simply write down your name and we'll add you to the roster. We'll even send out a reminder email so that you don't forget. Alternatively, send an email to roodepoorthelpers@parkrun.com and let us know when you'd like to help out. Lately we've needed more volunteers than before, simply because of the increasing number of participants, so there'll always be a place for you.

Speaking of sponsors, Adidas have been visiting our parkrun every week for a while now, and I've been led to believe that they'll be there for a while longer. If you need any advice regarding running shoes (or walking shoes) or if you'd like to test-drive a pair of Adidas shoes to see how they feel, then feel free to approach them and have a chat. It's surprising how important it is to have the right shoes that fit properly. They can make all the difference to your running experience.


There is a small group of people that have taken it upon themselves to ensure the maintenance of Len Rutter Park and the Lapa. They are known as the Friends of Len Rutter, and are represented by George Taylor, one of our regular parkrunners. It's thanks to these people that the grass is kept cut, and the park is kept in a usable condition. On Tuesday 16th June they will be holding a team relay event to raise funds for the upkeep and additions to the lapa. Relay teams will consist of 3-4 runners each, and the event starts at 9:00. For more information, George Taylor will be able to answer your questions at the park. Look out for him. Please note that this is Not a parkrun event. Apparently there will also be a dog walk on the 16th June, also at 9:00, so bring along your 4 legged friends for a day out.


Lastly, I have a gripe: Recently we received a nice new batch of position tokens. Those are the tags that every runner is given when they cross the finish line. Their purpose is to tell the scanners what position you came in, and that matches up with your time on the stopwatch. However, lately we've noticed a number of these tags have gone missing. Folks, please do Not take the tokens home with you; we need them, all of them, in order to ensure that the results are accurate. If you do come across any that may have gone missing, please return them to us.

As always, we look forward to seeing you all in the park, and until then, stay safe, and Happy Running!

Philip Gray