parkrun SA newsletter 14th July 2016

welcome to the newsletter

In this edition of the SA parkrun newsletter, we take a closer look at the rules for dogs taking part in parkrun, look forward to the launch of Victoria Lake parkrun and celebrate our parkrunner of the week, Errol Duffett from Lonehill parkrun.

Recently we have written about dogs at parkruns and those runners and walkers who wish to take their dogs along to a parkrun. Please always remember to check the home pages of parkruns you intend to run with a dog. There are several parkruns in SA where dogs are not allowed.

Well-behaved dogs on leads are welcome at many parkruns

Also remember the parkrun dog rules.
We ask parkrunners with dogs to abide by the following rules:
- One dog per runner at our 5k events.
- Most of our events do allow runners with dogs but there are some events which do not.
- Dogs should be kept under firm control, on a short lead or a harness with a short lead, and extreme care taken to avoid tripping other runners.
- Dogs should not be registered. Any registration allocated to a dog, or any other animal will be deleted and any associated results will be removed.
- parkrunners are responsible for the welfare of their own dog
- Please clean up after your dog
- Dog owners not keeping to the rules will not be scanned at the finish
- On the matter of courtesy at parkruns I would like to make a heartfelt plea to our parkrunners to always consider others. This is particularly the case at some of our larger parkruns where we have had a few complaints that slow walkers and parkrunners with dogs often get in the way of the fast runners. parkrun is never going to be similar to major races where there are seeded start areas and elite runners’ starts. (Every parkrunner is equal) but we would like to ask our slower runners and walkers to line up nearer the rear at a parkrun start.

The new route at Kraalkop has been well-received

Many of our parkrun routes are not the same as the original route when launched. Sunrise-on-Sea and Kraalkop have both recently changed. The feedback we have received from the parkrunners is that both these routes are much better than the previous ones. This is clear from the increase in attendance – making parkrun a happier and healthier place.

With South Africa in the grip of winter the pace of starting new parkruns has slowed a little however next weekend (23 July) we welcome another Greater Johannesburg parkrun to the parkrun family. Simon Treston first approached me many months ago to start a parkrun in Germiston and finally he and his team are ready to go. The parkrun route will be run on the Southern bank of Germiston Lake and so will be named Victoria Lake parkrun. Having walked some of the route with Simon I can report it will be flattish and fast and for a winter launch, cold and frosty. We expect a large turnout of locals and curious tourists on the 23rd.

It is amazing to understand that our barcodes work at every single parkrun in South Africa. So though a particular parkrunner may not be registered to Victoria Lake parkrun, every one of the 420,000 parkrunners in SA can use their barcode at Victoria Lake next Saturday. and their barcodes will scan and they will receive their results no matter where they are registered. Let’s hope 420,000 parkrunners don’t descend on Victoria Lake on Saturday!

Even more exciting is that barcodes work around the world as well. I am off on a quick visit to Australia this week and on Saturday I intend to run St. Peter’s parkrun in Sydney. Guess what, my barcode, registered to Delta parkrun will work there as well. That’s the magic of parkrun.

Cheers for now,

Bruce (get in touch)

MRP Sport

This week we celebrate Greenpoint parkrun’s third birthday! If you’re in the Cape Town area, join the MRP Sport team in making a morning of it! If you see our team, come say Hi and ask us any questions you might have about our products.

Now that your achievement tees are being sent out, we’d like to reassure parkrunners who’ve earned their tees that these will be available from their local parkrun event director soon! Until you get yours, keep at your runs and keep working towards that next big milestone!

If you’re looking to get kitted out for your next parkrun, we’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of our spring range! For ladies, think statement tees, shades of teal and grey, as well as lumo yellows. For guys, it’s all about monochromatic tones with subtle pops of colour. Shop your newest active essentials online at or in-store at your nearest MRP Sport store!

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Taking dogs to parkrun

Exercise should be a way of life for a dog, but it is necessary to be aware of some important facts before taking your pet to parkrun with you.

Some tips for taking your dog on a parkrun:
- If you bring a dog to a parkrun – you must run at the dogs pace and limit
- Make sure your dog enjoys running – watch how they react because they will tell you – be aware and sensitive to what they are saying.
- Dogs want to please their owners, so when a dog shows signs of stopping take it seriously.
- Start with play sessions of 30 – 60 minutes and short, local loops before you take them to a parkrun.
- Watch for signs and be receptive to your dog’s cues – YOUR DOG KNOWS WHAT IT NEEDS.
- Communicate – talk to your dog – tell them they are going for a walk so that they can stretch and drink.
- Running in a group can be distracting – introduce them slowly to feel comfortable with a large group of people. - Talk to them whilst walking to calm them down if they are anxious about faster runners passing them.
- Make sure that there is always clean water available for them to drink, especially in hot weather.
- Carry plastic bags for their poo. That is another responsibility you choose to take on if you bring your dog running.
- They should have consistent exercise during the week – they can’t just be taken to do a 5 km parkrun when you feel like it – they need training just like you.
- Dogs don’t need to wear jackets in winter when running.

Information that no one ever tells you about your puppy:
- Puppies do not have the muscle tone to run long distances – they must finish growing before they can run long distances.
- Play and go on shorter walks with your puppy because they need training … but NOT walking or running 5 km.
- Small breed puppies can run 1.5 km at a slow pace from the age of at least 8 months.
- Remember, your puppy will tell you when they are ready to stop – listen and do not push them beyond their own limit.
- Large breed puppies only stop growing between 18 and 24 months. If you run them too early their bones and joints will be damaged for life.
- Train your puppy to be prepared for parkruns – all ages, bicycles, strollers, cars and leads.

Dogs capable of running:
- Tough miniature pincher
- Pointer
- Fox terrier
- Husky (winter is best – summer is hot for them)
- Labrador (thick coats so in summer they must be able to swim)
- Setter
- Belgian Shepherd
- Poodles
- Jack Russell
- Border Collie
- Ridgeback
- Whippets
- Airedale
- Greyhound
- Malamute (prefers cold weather)
- Dalmatian
- Labradoodle
- Weimaraner
- Springer spaniel

Dogs that should walk only or stay at home:
- Small breed puppies under 8 months that have not done consistent exercise
- Large breed puppies under 18 – 24 months
- Short-nosed dogs like pugs, bulldogs, mastiffs, Boston terriers – they have breathing problems and overheat as a result
- Dogs that need to wear jackets

Thank you to the vets and nurses at Bryanston Veterinary Hospital for reading and editing this information.

parkrun Launches:

Victoria Lake parkrun 23 July 2016
Ladybrand parkrun 30 July 2016

parkrun Anniversaries:

Durbanville parkrun 16 July 2016
Greenpoint parkrun 16 July 2016
Piggly Wiggly parkrun 16 July 2016
Dusi parkrun 23 July 2016
Mofolo parkrun 23 July 2016

parkrun Cancellations:

Nahoon Point parkrun until further notice
Voortrekker Monument parkrun 16 July 2016
Lonehill parkrun 16 July 2016
Ballito parkrun 16 July 2016
Voortrekker Monument parkrun 23 July 2016

feedback from the field

Kidds Beach, nestled on the banks of the Indian Ocean west of East London, is a typical holiday resort, but fast becoming a retirement village too.
When parkrun was launched on 29 June 2012 no one could be sure how sustainable it might be, but the locals had faith in their community and the launch attracted folk from across the Eastern Cape and beyond. On that sunny winter’s day, with Yvonne Mackenzie as the first Event Director, 115 parkrunners participated.
Henry Pienaar who had been a stalwart of the Nahoon Point parkrun came in first on a tough course.
Since then, Kidds Beach has been through a number of changes, with the course becoming tougher still before yet another move to become one of the quickest parkruns in the Eastern Cape, following a move from the farmlands to the seafront under the leadership of new event director Benji Gane.
Numbers immediately went up and times came tumbling down. Gane has since made way for the same Henry Pienaar who came in first at the inaugural run.
At the 3rd anniversary run, most of the volunteers were the same people who have supported the event from the earliest times. The warm atmosphere and welcome that they generate is very special and visitors are made most welcome. On many weekends Mackenzie and Gane can both be seen either volunteering or taking part.
Pienaar himself has done more parkruns than any other Easter Cape participant and currently he sits on 195.
Like most parkruns there are prominent families involved and one such family at Kidds Beach is the Lamprechts. Mother, Deann, was honoured for being a volunteer supreme at the birthday celebration.
Son, Luke, ran his 124th parkrun, father Paul ran his 121st and the other brother, Matthew, ran with dad to complete his 12th parkrun. Paul just finished ahead of Luke on the points table in the year past, so the game is on going into year four.

Luke, Deann, Paul and Matthew Lamprecht at the Kidds Beach parkrun anniversary celebrations

Volunteering- What it means to me
V - Visiting Rietvlei parkrun
O - Our weekly family get together having fun and getting fit
L - Learning so much about running, different clubs and upcoming races
U - Understanding many different runner's tactics
N - Never a dull moment EVER
T - Together all nationalities unite as one, happily encouraging one another
E - Early morning run, beautiful surroundings in such a tranquil environment
E - Eager to assist from the fastest to the last runner coming in
R - Realizing I'm healthy to participate in such a wonderful event
I - Incredible witnessing new PB's, others completing their 1st 5km
N - Names and faces eventually become your friends for life
G - Giving something back to show my appreciation for a safe free 5km run
Thank you for being such an inspiration to many in the running world.
Antoinette Routledge

Without volunteers, parkrun couldn’t happen

Drop us an email if you have an interesting parkrun related fact, happening or comment that you would like to share with all parkrunners.

parkrunner of the week

Errol Duffett, centre, at Lonehill parkrun

Name:  Errol Duffett

Club:  Team Vitality

Age:  61

Occupation:  Financial Consultant

Number of runs:  75

Number of times volunteered:  68

How has parkrun changed your running:  Very definitely. From being a no exercise person to being a very active park and trail runner. parkrun kickstarted my goal to improve my fitness and has contributed to losing 35kg over the past two years.

What do you like about parkrun:  Getting together with a wonderful group of volunteers on a Saturday morning, having fun and returning something to my community.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun moment:  My 50th parkrun, which was also a Personal Best

Trail or Road Running:  Trail

Favourite volunteer role:  Pre-event setup and post-event take down and scanning

Why should others volunteer at parkrun:  Everybody will have their individual motivations but overall is probably a desire to return something to the community. The parkrun volunteer community is definitely not a place for the ego-driven.

What fellow volunteers say about them:  Errol is a pleasure to have as a core volunteer and parkrunner at Lonehill. He is passionate about his fitness and health, always keen to share his trail and parkrunning experiences. Errol is usually the first volunteer to arrive in the mornings and also one of the last to leave – always smiling and stepping up to make sure our parkrun runs smoothly


barcode reminder

TenBits barcode wristbandTenBits barcode wristband

Printed barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. Please click here to collect and print your barcode.
No printed barcode, No result.
We have teamed up with TenBits to provide a barcoded wrist-band (see the image above). This wrist-band includes your parkrun barcode and emergency contact details. In addition, a portion of the proceeds contribute towards parkrun costs. For more info and orders please visit the TenBits site.

All questions answered

Do you have a question about parkrun? How do I collect my club T-shirt? How do I get my barcode? All your questions are answered on our support site

Volunteering at parkrun

We ask every parkrunner to volunteer 3 times a year. When volunteering you receive the maximum number of points towards the yearly competition.

Children at parkrun

All children under 11 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Guardians must ensure that children place themselves appropriately so as to prevent a situation where they are being repeatedly overtaken at the start. This is to ensure the safety of your child.

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Blue Label Telecoms investing in parkrun

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Discovery investing in parkrun

Discovery Vitality believes that every decision that a person makes to exercise and get active is a step in the right direction, and participating in a parkrun is no exception. Living a healthy lifestyle can be rewarding, and Discovery Vitality members 18 years and older can earn 300 points for participating in a parkrun event. Children six years and older who are dependents on their parents' Discovery Vitality membership can now also earn points for completing a parkrun. Visit the Discovery website for more information.

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MRPSport is the proud apparel sponsor of parkrun South Africa. We love the idea of partnering with social initiatives like parkrun because it adds value to peoples lives which is what we’re all about. We believe in healthy active living through sports at all levels. School goers, family and friends have the opportunity to join in a fun activity every Saturday morning at one of many parkrun venues around South Africa. Our mission is to encourage this active lifestyle with authentic products, great value and trendy designs. MRPSport will be alongside parkrun every step of the way! We will keep parkrunners updated with all the initiatives in 2016 and beyond. Stay tuned to our newsletter for all the weekly updates. - come and find out more at

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