Milestone tee shirts

Thank you for being so understanding about the recent delays with the milestone club t-shirts. It has been a busy few months while we prepare to launch a new system with Mr Price Sport.

We know some of you have been waiting a long time for your coveted milestone t-shirt, for which we apologise. We know that milestone t-shirts are hard-earned and cherished, and we would have loved to have been able to provide these free t-shirts quicker than we’ve been able to in some cases.

If you qualified before January 2016 these t-shirts should have been sent to the event team at your home run.
Please contact the team at your home run via email to find out if your t-shirt has arrived. You can find the event team's email address at the bottom of the event's webpage and in any results email.

If your t-shirt has arrived please collect it from your home run on a Saturday morning.

The 2016 t-shirt claims are currently being processed by Mr Price Sport and we’re working hard to provide them as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your continued support.

Happy running.