Modderfontein Reserve parkrun – Directions to new Bunker Route

After the extremely successful inaugural running of the new Bunker Route at the Modderfontein Reserve parkrun, we've had a number of requests on the Facebook page for some further details regarding directions to the new route.  We want to make sure that everyone can get there and enjoy the new route.  As such, here are some more details on exactly how to find us.

Directions from Edenvale:

  • Head east on Modderfontein road
  • Keep left at the split to Valley Road
  • Option 1:

    • Take the second exit of the first traffic circle.  This will take you towards the historical village area.  You'll have the "Go Ape" tree climbing place on your left.
    • Take the second exit at the next traffic circle you reach.
    • Follow the road around a left bend and over a 4 way stop.
    • Turn left into Ardeer Road at the next traffic circle.
    • At the next 4 way stop, turn right.
    • 140 metres from the entrance to Firemans Tavern, you'll come to a dirt road leading off to your left just before the entrance to AEL.
  • Option 2:

    • Take the first exit of the first traffic circle.  This will take you towards a Shell garage and the entrance to Thornhill Estate.
    • Continue straight until you reach a T-Junction.
    • Turn right at the T-Junction.
    • Take the first left.  This should take you under the Gautrain Railway line.
    • Cross over the 4 way stop.
    • 140 metres from the entrance to Firemans Tavern, you'll come to a dirt road leading off to your left just before the entrance to AEL.

Directions from Kempton Park:

  • Head west on Modderfontein Road.
  • Turn right into Centenary Street.
  • Cross over the first 4 way stop.
  • Take the third right underneath the Gautrain Railway line.
  • Cross over the 4 way stop.
  • 140 metres from the entrance to Firemans Tavern, you'll come to a dirt road leading off to your left just before the entrance to AEL.

...from the Dirt Road onwards:

  • Take the dirt road and head through the entrance in the fence you'll reach in about 225 metres.
  • You'll meet up with a tarred road again.  Turn left onto the tarred road.
  • At this point you're inside Modderfontein Reserve.
  • Follow the road keeping left at both forks you reach - roughly 1km along the road.
  • Take the second left after the second fork and cross the river.
  • At the T-Junction turn left.
  • Look out for the parking ahead, and you're there!

Modderfontein Reserve parkrun – Bunker Route – Inaugural Run

Hello fellow parkrunners

Apologies for this belated communication, but we literally confirmed this morning that we are DEFINITELY able to run the inaugural of the Modderfontein Reserve parkrun Bunker Route this Saturday, the 10th December 2016.

Please check in regularly on our Facebook page for the latest updates and new informative posts, such as:


So for starters, the new location of the Modderfontein Reserve parkrun is essentially on the other side (North) of Fish Eagle Dam (i.e: the picnic area near the newly built hospital).  The existing entrances are NO LONGER valid.

So why the change?  We’ve needed to move for a few reasons:

  • Firstly, the Reserve were losing out on entrance revenue where picnickers were gaining free access to the reserve using a parkrun barcode on Saturday mornings.
  • And secondly, with our growing parkrun numbers, that area of the Reserve’s footprint is saturated with the various Reserve visitors on Saturday mornings every week of the year.


What’s there to look forward to from this Saturday at the Bunker Route:

  • A dedicated entrance (for parkrunners only) to the left of the AEL factory.
  • Ample parking!
  • A very wide start!
  • A unique route running through seven disused (and obviously safe) dynamite storage bunkers.
  • A balanced route with varying degrees of ups, level and downhills.
  • A dry route after heavy rains.
  • The “Fan-tree Pantry” shaded cheering area at the 3.5km mark for waiting family and friends.


That said, let’s start with a few “do’s” for this and most Saturday’s moving forward at our new location. Do:

For communication purposes and due to our late official notification to parkrunners:

  • Like our Facebook page to receive the latest updates that will come after this posting.
  • Repost this link on your personal Facebook page.
  • WhatsApp this link to your friends that are parkrunners in JHB.  (your assistance in spreading the word on such short notice will be greatly appreciated)


For arrival and entry purposes:

  • Arrive early as everything will be new to everyone.
  • Obey the rules of the Reserve’s speed limits.
  • Enter at the entrance next to the AEL Entrace on Andeer Road.  Click here for a map to the entrance.
  • Volunteer marshals will be around to direct you to the new start.
  • Please DON'T use the usual Modderfontein Reserve entrance or the Marshall Street entrance as you cannot reach the new route from those entrances.
  • Entrance co-ordinates at the AEL factory are: 26deg05’14.00”S & 28deg09’00.00”E.


For parking purposes:

  • Please only park in the designated parking areas.
  • Please follow the marshal’s instructions.
  • Parking co-ordinates are: 26deg04’08.00”S & 28deg08’20.00”E.


For safety purposes:

  • There are a few uneven areas along the route, especially on the grass sections, so be sure of your footing.
  • When running the route for the first time, run cautiously until you are familiar with the route.
  • Please keep children under 11 years old close to you.
  • There are two cyclist crossings at two points along the route, and while we will have marshals at these points, please exercise vigilance.


For comfort and enjoyment purposes:

  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Bring an umbrella (if you’re a walker), not for the rain, but for protection from the sun.
  • Apply sunblock.
  • The Bunker Route is pram friendly but buggy-prams with the larger wheels will navigate the uneven terrain a LOT better!


Need to know:

  • Please remember, we’re doubling up this inaugural event with our Christmas Charity Drive – see posts for details here on our Facebook page.
  • It’s also our Volunteer Year-end Party after this weekend’s event, so please join us if you’ve volunteered with us before.
  • If you would like to go to the picnic sites from now on within the Reserve, you’ll need to enter at the main entrance of the Reserve and pay the entrance fee of R35 p/p.
  • Restaurant patrons can get free entry but only through prior arrangement with the Restaurant Management.


We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday, and our squad of volunteers are all waiting for you.

Wayde Morsink
Event Director – Modderfontein Reserve parkrun
(on behalf of the most amazing group of volunteers)


“the sweat shop” Monthly Voucher Winner – February 2014

Congratulations to Bronwyn Erwee for being the lucky winner of the R400 voucher from "the sweat shop".

Please support those who support us.  Visit them at:


NEWS FLASH for 12 October 2013

Please arrive early to avoid congestion as Hurlyvale Primary School are hosting a MTB event in the Modderfontein Reserve this Saturday 12 October 2013.


Announcing the start of Modderfontein Reserve parkrun

Modderfontein Reserve parkrun starts 12 January 2013

We are delighted to announce the launch of Modderfontein Reserve parkrun on 12 January 2013, 8am at Isidleke, Modderfontein Reserve. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and a coffee afterwards at Dynamite Coffee Company!

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