Malmesbury parkrun # 114 - 17/08/2019

ClubNoteTotal Runs
1Dirkie BESTER20:31SM30-3463.36 %M1PB stays at 00:19:4270Member of the parkrun 50 Club
2Tyron GROENEWALD20:36SM30-3463.67 %M2PB stays at 00:19:3730
3Andries KRAUSE21:02VM40-4464.90 %M3New PB!17
4Wim SMIT21:54VM55-5970.78 %M4PB stays at 00:20:12101Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
5Riaan VAN ZYL22:29VM45-4963.08 %M5Cape Multisport ClubPB stays at 00:19:3345
6Jaco GELDENHUYS22:36VM35-3959.07 %M6PB stays at 00:21:1120
7Jan BESTER22:41SM30-3457.83 %M7PB stays at 00:21:4549
8David John MIDGLEY25:53SM30-3450.42 %M8PB stays at 00:24:0271Member of the parkrun 50 Club
9Alec KOTZE26:10SM25-2949.30 %M9PB stays at 00:23:3049
10Jaco HAASBROEK26:26VM50-5455.80 %M10PB stays at 00:24:5482Member of the parkrun 50 Club
11Wilhelm STEYL27:38VM40-4449.76 %M11PB stays at 00:21:3823
12Dylan NUTT28:23SM20-2445.63 %M12PB stays at 00:27:3210
13Lenny LAKEY28:28VM50-5453.51 %M13PB stays at 00:26:2928
14Don BEATTIE28:33VM50-5453.36 %M14PB stays at 00:27:3742
15Lerine BESTER28:45VW55-5963.83 %F1PB stays at 00:26:2659Member of the parkrun 50 Club
16Boet BEUKES28:45VM60-6457.80 %M15First Timer!174Member of the parkrun 100 Club
17Nadia SADIE29:20VW35-3950.97 %F2PB stays at 00:27:5879Member of the parkrun 50 Club
18Mari LOURENS30:31VW40-4450.14 %F3PB stays at 00:28:4550Member of the parkrun 50 Club
20Ronald KING32:02VM50-5446.05 %M17First Timer!26
21Magda HOFMEYR32:08SW20-2446.06 %F4PB stays at 00:31:3785Member of the parkrun 50 Club
22Hercu HOFMEYR32:09VM60-6450.34 %M18Swartland AkPB stays at 00:23:2283Member of the parkrun 50 Club
23Johan SCHOLTZ32:23VM60-6449.97 %M19PB stays at 00:29:1781Member of the parkrun 50 Club
24Nicola FROST-TEUCHERT32:26VW35-3946.87 %F5PB stays at 00:31:284
25Aletia VAN ANTWERPEN32:27VW35-3946.07 %F6Swartland AkPB stays at 00:29:1710
26Willie SMITH32:35VM55-5947.16 %M20Team VitalityPB stays at 00:29:15123Member of the parkrun 100 Club
27Danielle PIETERSEN32:41SW25-2945.28 %F7PB stays at 00:28:5020
28David SADIE32:47SM30-3440.01 %M21PB stays at 00:28:4522
29John DURR33:41VM65-6951.76 %M22Swartland AkPB stays at 00:32:0356Member of the parkrun 50 Club
30Maggie MARITZ33:52VW55-5953.44 %F8PB stays at 00:32:086
31Johannette LOUBSER34:13VW50-5451.53 %F9PB stays at 00:29:4798Member of the parkrun 50 Club
32Anthony P LATEGAN34:21VM55-5944.74 %M23PB stays at 00:31:2634
33Johan FRANK34:52VM45-4940.68 %M24PB stays at 00:29:3439
34Amelda WESTHOF34:54VW50-5448.62 %F10First Timer!14
35Elmarie JONKER35:08VW35-3943.26 %F11PB stays at 00:34:017
36Louis JONKER35:09VM35-3938.55 %M25New PB!3
38Anton UYS35:13VM55-5945.15 %M27PB stays at 00:30:27145Member of the parkrun 100 Club
39Ronel UYS35:17VW60-6454.23 %F12PB stays at 00:34:18122Member of the parkrun 100 Club
40Dorothy DE KLERK35:39VW50-5448.85 %F13PB stays at 00:33:4276Member of the parkrun 50 Club
41Marianne THERON36:16VW60-6455.88 %F14PB stays at 00:34:3086Member of the parkrun 50 Club
42Bernard VAN WYK36:43VM35-3936.13 %M28PB stays at 00:22:5955Member of the parkrun 50 Club
43Angelene BROWN37:16VW40-4441.91 %F15PB stays at 00:29:2623
44Tamryn JENKINGS37:28SW30-3439.59 %F16PB stays at 00:31:2824
45Regan DE JAGER37:30SM20-2434.40 %M29PB stays at 00:28:0522
47Mikal LAMBERT38:14VM40-4436.22 %M31PB stays at 00:36:206
48Lolanda VAN ROMBURGH38:15VW50-5443.83 %F17PB stays at 00:36:406
49Colleen GOMAS39:09SW30-3437.97 %F18Swartland AkPB stays at 00:28:45104Member of the parkrun 100 Club
50Eldeen GREEN39:11VW40-4439.86 %F19Swartland AkPB stays at 00:37:5583Member of the parkrun 50 Club
51Johannes Viljoen STEYN39:24VM45-4936.00 %M32PB stays at 00:39:237
52Roswitha VENTER39:58VW65-6953.92 %F20Swartland & Wellington ACPB stays at 00:39:1018
53Hajirah SAIET40:00VW40-4438.46 %F21PB stays at 00:36:1257Member of the parkrun 50 Club
54Gerrit MARITZ41:06VM55-5937.71 %M33PB stays at 00:40:148
55Tanya BELL41:56SW25-2935.29 %F22PB stays at 00:40:4016
56Janine Rosa WEBSTER42:01SW25-2935.22 %F23First Timer!47
57Pc BELL44:50VM35-3929.59 %M34PB stays at 00:43:5913
58At LUBBE45:06VM45-4931.93 %M35PB stays at 00:43:245
59Lesley ACKERMANN45:06VW60-6443.64 %F24PB stays at 00:36:0720
60Marcus PRETORIUS47:55JM1041.25 %M36PB stays at 00:47:422
61Bertus VAN TONDER47:57VM35-3928.05 %M37PB stays at 00:36:3962Member of the parkrun 50 Club
62Zureen ALFRED49:03VW35-3930.58 %F25PB stays at 00:47:558
63Tiané PRETORIUS49:34JW15-1731.27 %F26PB stays at 00:37:4830Member of the parkrun 10 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
64Kato NEL49:53VW60-6440.03 %F27PB stays at 00:47:5817
65Japie DU BRUYN51:19VM50-5428.74 %M38Bellville ACPB stays at 00:30:30147Member of the parkrun 100 ClubMember of the parkrun v25 Club
66Andries VAN TONDER51:20VM35-3925.84 %M39PB stays at 00:49:4762Member of the parkrun 50 Club
67Pieter LOUBSER53:46VM50-5428.33 %M40PB stays at 00:38:2380Member of the parkrun 50 Club
68Thys CARSTENS53:47VM40-4425.57 %M41PB stays at 00:41:5962Member of the parkrun 50 Club
69Jeanette MOSTERT55:18VW80-8449.34 %F28PB stays at 00:42:3044
70Marina ORFFER-SMITH55:18VW55-5933.63 %F29Team VitalityPB stays at 00:28:42120Member of the parkrun 100 Club
71Ilse VAN ZYL55:19VW55-5932.72 %F30PB stays at 00:42:4737
72Du Toit VAN ZYL55:26VM60-6428.92 %M42PB stays at 00:39:5741
74Maritza VAN ZYL1:00:09VW40-4425.77 %F31First Timer!1
75Koos VAN ZYL1:04:21VM45-4922.74 %M44First Timer!1
80Dalene BESTER1:05:15VW60-6431.06 %F32PB stays at 00:41:5447
81Peter KING1:05:19VM70-7428.09 %M49SA OrienteersPB stays at 00:29:3347Member of the parkrun v25 Club
82Michelle VAN DER BERG1:08:00VW40-4422.62 %F33PB stays at 00:46:386
83Sanet COETZEE1:08:01VW60-6428.52 %F34PB stays at 00:55:4453Member of the parkrun 50 Club
84John-Michael VAN DER BERG1:08:04JM11-1421.30 %M50PB stays at 00:46:356
85Andries VAN TONDER1:08:25VM70-7425.77 %M51PB stays at 00:35:0466Member of the parkrun 50 Club

Thanks to the volunteers

We are very grateful to the volunteers who made this event happen: Dalene BESTER, Juanita BOTHA, Zelda BURGER, Juliana DE WIT, Peter KING, Rita-Mari LOURENS, Christa MARAIS, Jaco ROESTOF, Wim SMIT, Edwin SMITH, Francois TITUS, Andries VAN TONDER, Herman VISSER, Marietjie WOLMARANS, Bertus WOLMARANS

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