Fun on the Run

Good day all
It has been a good year at Parkrun and all have been having fun. As the year is coming to a slow end our numbers are still stable and every week we have new members! That is just great.
Just a friendly message to all the volunteers during the year, you all have been great and a pleasure to work with!
Have a great day and see you all on Saturday


All Parkrunners

Hi everyone,

Please come and join us this Saturday the 26th of November, i have something special that i would like to share with you all and even better the weather looks good so its going to be a fun day!

Come join us and please remember your bar-codes.

Have a great day



New Years Run

Good Afternoon all runners

Please note that there wont be a run on Saturday the 31st of December, but we do hope that everyone will have a great new years and a stunning 2017.

See you all on the next run.




Good day Everyone

Please not that we won't be having a parkrun on the 24th of December 2016.

We hope that everyone will have a great Christmas and a great holiday.

Keep running keep enjoying it


practise Runs

we have received our timekeeping equipment and will be having test runs for the next 3 weeks prior to the launch , please bring your barcodes so we can scan and test our systems . many thanks Mike .


Pink/Red launch !

i would like to request that all runners wear something red or pink for the launch on 13th February as it is Valentines day weekend !! .... bring balloons,dress up your dogs and lets be as festive s possible

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