Cancellations: 17 Feb 2018, 24 Feb 2018, 3 Mar 2018, 10 Mar 2018

Due to clashing events over these 4 Saturdays in the Greenpoint precinct, parkrun is cancelled on these 4 Saturdays. Run elsewhere and let your friends know.


Cancellation 10th Feb 2018

Run event of ITU World Triathlon Series happens in Greenpoint on this morning and directly clashes with parkrun route. Greenpoint is cancelled on 10th Feb 2018. Run elsewhere and inform your friends.


Cancellation; 9th December 2017

Cape Town 7's rugby happening at the stadium over this weekend. Ten of thousands of people in the stadium vicinity. We are cancelled so run elsewhere and let your friends know.


Cancellation: 28th October 2017

JW conference at stadium on Saturday 28th October, 22,000 + expected. Attendees will start arriving from 06:30 and there will be unacceptable levels of people in the Greenpoint urban park area. Run elsewhere and pass message onto regular attendees.


Cancellation: 16th September 2017

Greenpoint parkrun cancelled on 16th September 2017.

Our route, general stadium area and start time clashes on Saturday 16th September 2017 with 2 Saturday trail run events linked to Cape Town marathon. There are bolted barricades and other restrictions on route and cannot be reasonably overcome. Please run elsewhere and pass message on.


Cancellation 10th December 2016

For the record, Greenpoint parkrun was cancelled on 10th December due to 7's rugby taking place at stadium.
All cancellation announcements are made on our facebook page, Greenpoint parkun.


Cancellation 29th October 2016

Our finish route, finish area and run start time directly clashes with a booked event on the Reddam field. In addition, the parking areas will not be available. Given this severity of impact, we are cancelling. Please visit other parkuns in Cape Town and Helderberg.


Cancellation 17th September 2016

Our route and run time clashes directly with the Saturday trail events of the Cape Town marathon. There will also be barricade and access parking restrictions. On this basis, we are cancelling.


Cancellation 12th December 2015

Cape Town 7's tournament is taking place at Cape Town stadium over the weekend of 12th and 13th December. The whole Greenpoint precinct; roads, parking, and fan walk will be directly and indirectly impacted and on this basis we have cancelled, Please run at other parkrun events in Cape Town and Stellenbosch areas.
The Greenpoint parkrun team.


Cancellation 24th October 2015

Regrets but the overlap with large event (20,000-40,000 people) at stadium at 09:00 is just too much and no viable alternative so we have to cancel. Please pass message on and use other parkrun events. Constantia greenbelt parkrun starts this same day so why not go there or other location. Thank you, Greenpoint parkrun team.

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