Meet the team: Ryan Short

Good afternoon Green Point parkrunners..

We hope you've all had a great week so far and are looking forward to the weekend. We know you're all jumping out of your seats to get going tomorrow morning. The weather reports seem to indicate that we're in for a pearl of a day so we hope that you all are able to join us for, possibly, the best way to start your Saturday morning. Run, jog or walk.. it all counts. And don't forget to join us for a coffee afterwards.

So let's move onto the fifth and final round of the "Meet the Team" series. This week we introduce you to Ryan Short. Many of you might recognise him as the team member who is perpetually wearing a peak cap backwards. Others might know him as an "excitable puppy" when it comes to running (a conversation can easily evolve into a lecture on this topic, especially trail and mountain running). For those of you who don't know him at all, read on for a little peek into who he is and what parkrun means to him.

1. Name
Ryan Short

2. My Job
Minion in a Digital Advertising Agency.

3. Describe myself in 3 words
Adventurous, geeky, passionate.

4. Why and how did I get involved with parkrun
A friend of mine had heard about parkrun and dragged a few of us down for the first one then a little while later I picked up an injury so I volunteered while I couldn't run and the rest is history. Still grateful to Suraj for entrusting me with the keys to the kingdom.

5. Rewards of working with parkrun
Being a part of an initiative that encourages people to move away from a sedentary lifestyle and into a more active and healthy one is the biggest reward. I could talk for days on this.. Aside from that, I have a passion for running, of all forms, and parkrun helps me indulge in that passion.

6. On weekends you'll find me..
at parkrun, enjoying a coffee somewhere, spending time with friends, exploring a mountain or forest, and definitely putting in as many trail hours as possible

7. This year I would like to see parkrun..
explode, both locally and internationally, more than it has already. It's incredible to see how many people have taken to parkrun since it's inception and I hope that it spreads to every country like wildfire. Running is the easiest form of exercise and parkrun provides the perfect, family-friendly platform for getting into it. A judgement-free, results-optional, fun-guaranteed, community-building run could never be a bad thing.

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
Every event where I see people running when they used to walk ranks up there. parkrun may be for fun but that hasn't stopped people from pushing themselves to get better and that, in itself, is truly inspiring.

Image courtesy of Sarah Goodman.

You can keep up with Ryan's (many) rambling on running via his blog Trail & Error or his Twitter account. Or, as we love to encourage, come up and chat to any of us before or after the event. We rely on feedback from everybody, good or bad, in order to improve the event. So, if you have something to say, please drop us a line on our Facebook wall or tweet us @greenpointp.

See you on Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team



Meet the team: Claudia Klaase

Good afternoon Green Point parkrunners,

This week has been crazy busy for all of us behind the scenes here which is why we have been so quiet. We hope you all enjoyed your run on Saturday, even with all the chaos of the Cape Town Carnival going on around us. We do apologise for the obstacles along the route, we were caught off guard by how early the organisers had decided to start setting up but you all proved that a few small obstacles weren't going to stop you! This weekend is back to business as usual though.

This week we introduce the newest member of the Core Team, Claudia Klaase.

Claudia joined the team just a few short weeks ago. Prior to that, Claudia could be found, nearly every weekend, volunteering at Green Point parkrun so the progression to team member was as natural as it was effortless. Read on to find out a little more about Claudia.

1. Name
Claudia Klaase

2. My Job
Freelance Social Media Manager

3. Describe myself in 3 words
Passionate, Determined & Quirky

4. Why and how did I get involved with Parkrun
I made a Life Resolution to get fit and healthy but wanted to get running again and with most things in my life I turned to the internet and searched for running clubs and found Parkrun SA and saw that there was an established 5km run - the rest is history.

5. Rewards for working with Parkrun
Seeing people progress from that first run/walk to clocking personal bests and getting to meet new runners.

6. On weekends you'll find me..
at Greenpoint parkrun, coffeeshops and walks with my son

7. This year I would like to see parkrun..
grow to where we have 500 runners regularly run. We see so many people register but then we have 250 pitch. It would be crazy administration but you asked.

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
Cheering for Joel as he comes running down with his family supporting him. He is by far the coolest parkrunner.

For those with twitter, you can keep up with Claudia by giving her a follow!


Unfortunately due to some.. technical issues.. we were unable to take photos at the run last weekend but if you have any of your own that you'd like to share then go ahead and post them on our Facebook page! We'd love to see them.

From the rest of the team, we hope you all enjoy your Human Rights Day tomorrow. A perfect excuse to log some extra kilometres before parkrun!

See you all on Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team


Meet the team: Shane Kiernan

Well, Green Pointers, last week we had to sacrifice the weekly "meet the team" segment in order to discuss how positions and times are captured and I'm sure that, while everybody found the article extremely useful, we all missed our weekly opportunity to get to know the people who work behind the scenes here at Green Point parkrun!

So, on to round three we go which means that it's time for everybody to meet Shane Kiernan.

Shane is one of the original four Event Directors that took over from Suraj Valand, when he left us last year, and has been an integral part of the team ever since. Always making sure that things are running smoothly and as planned, Shane brings his workplace attention-to-detail to parkrun and is constantly providing solutions for binds that we sometimes find ourselves in when we don't have enough volunteers or have obstacles along our route.

More from the man himself..

1. Name
Shane Kiernan

2. Day job
Supply Chain Manager for a food and clothing retailer

3. Describe yourself in 3 words
Irish South African

4. How and why did you get involved with parkrun
Did first 5km run, in 15 years, last August in 48 minutes. Work friends told me about parkrun, came along, brought my girls along, ran a bit faster and stayed ever since with ‘some’ gradual improvement. Not being a natural runner, the informal but structured format of parkrun works for me.

5. Rewards of working with parkrun
There is a fantastic gees with parkrunners, people are happy doing a run in the most beautiful place you could ever wish for. It gets me out of house every Saturday before 7 which makes my wife very happy.

6. On weekends you'll find me..
Busy loving life; reading, drinking fine coffee, cooking for the family, marshalling at parkrun, swimming, going through many erratic episodes of frustration and elation watching the Stormers (choosing the team, firing the coach, wishing a few players had retired sooner, what if scenarios etc. etc.).

7. This year I'd like to see parkrun..
Bring many more thousands of people who are not active athletes to run and walks every week wherever.

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
Every Saturday morning, seeing 200+ happy people on the long start, straight with Lions Head in background.

So don't forget to say hi to Shane on Saturday morning before or after your run, maybe even join us for coffee afterwards (we usually process results at Brew coffee along Main Road, in Green Point) and discuss Stormers politics or just get to know your event team as well as see how you can get involved!

See you all on Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team


Parkrun results

Hi fellow parkrunners,

as of late, we've been receiving quite a few queries and complaints in regards to runner's finish times. So, what we thought we'd do is outline the finishing procedure for you, in order to give you a better understanding of how your times are tracked.

Step One: The Finish Line

Officially, our finish line is the entrance to the Green Point Urban Park. This means that, once you cross the gates, your time has been logged. You don't have to continue running to the scanning table or anything of the sorts. After you're passed the gates, you're done. Now comes the slightly complex part.

Step Two: The Timekeepers

The timekeeping devices that we use to clock the runners coming in are extremely accurately (where applicable). The time, down to the the split-second, is logged and recorded against your position. When a runner crosses the line, the timekeeper "laps" the run on the device and this is assigned a position (ie; Runner 1 is "lapped" as Position 1, Runner 2 is "lapped" as Position 2, etc) and stored in the device. It can get tricky when more than one runner at a time crosses the line but, in this scenario, the resolution comes when receiving a Finish Token (you are awarded the time that matches up to the finish token position).

However, other issues we encounter, such as runners crossing the line twice (when going back to run in with another person etc) or runners exiting the funnel through where they entered and not past the scanning table, are not so easily solved and cause havoc with results.

Unfortunately when this occurs there is very little that we can do. We do announce at the start of every run that there are rules for the runners to observe and we rely on you, the runners, to follow these rules but ultimatly the responsibility to ensure accuracy falls not only on the shoulders of the Core Team but as well as on the runners themselves. If we do not receive the required support from runners, in keeping to the rules et al, then we cannot deliver the best possible experience to them.

Step Three: Finish Tokens

Once a runner has completed their run, crossed the finish line and had their time captured, they need to ensure that they take a finish Token. The responsibility to receive this token is on the runner and not the volunteer in the funnel. When large groups of runners come in together, it would be near impossible for the lone finish token volunteer to try ensure that they hand a token out to everybody. If you finish the run before somebody but neglect to take your token, you will ultimately receive an incorrect result.

How it works is as follows; if a runner finishes in 20th position in a time of 22:45 ("lapped" on the timekeeping device) but waits before collecting their token, then the person finishing after them, in a greater time, will end up receiving the time and position of the runner who actually came in 20th.

The timekeeping devices "lap" your run and assign it a number, as explained above, and this number on the timekeeping device correlates directly with the finish token position. For this reason, we ask all parkrunners to ensure that they collect a finish token as soon as they cross the finish line.

It is also extremely important that you leave the Finish Tokens with the volunteer at the barcode scanning station. If a runner takes the barcode home with them, then effectively what happens is that a running position becomes an "unknown result".

So, while you may have finished your run and been "lapped" as position 30, because somebody else has taken Finish Token 30 home with them, you would then receive finish token 31. This would, undoubtedly, affect the results, however, as we have little to no control over whether the runners take the tokens home with them or leave them, as required.

Step Four: Barcode Scanning

The final step in the procedure is actually quite simple. At this point a runner should have a) crossed the finish line, b) had their time lapped by the timekeepers and c) collected their finish token from the volunteer. After these steps have been observed, the runner should present their parkrun barcode for scanning and then hand in their finish token. This step, while the easiest, is the most crucial, as it is at this point that the time and position is linked to the runners profile.

It is important to note that, once you have received your finish token, it does not matter what order you get scanned. As long as you crossed the line, for example, in 136th place and took finish token number 136, then you could wait until the very end to get scanned. We do not advise this but the fact remains that, once you have received your finish token, there is no observed order to get scanned in, however, for the sake of consistency and ease, we ask that parkrunners do their utmost to get scanned as soon as they complete their run. this helps avoid a bottleneck in the funnel and block up the entrance to the Urban Park.

If all these steps are observed then the runner should, in theory at least, receive the most correct time possible. In the instance of any sort of technical faults, the Core Team will do their utmost to inform the runners as well as recitfy the results as much as possible before they are submitted to Parkrun HQ.

Hopefully this clears any confusion up in regards to how times are logged for your run.

For future events, we will not be entertaining requests to amend times based on personal GPS and timekeeping units other than the official parkrun stopwatches, as there is no way for us to validate the accuracy of the results.

If you have any questions, suggestions or criticisms, please let us know. You can post on the facebook page or email us at



Meet the team: Ganief Galvaan

Hey hey Green Point parkrunners,
it's time for round two in our Meet the Team series. This week we introduce you to Ganief Galvaan.

If the Core Team were a house, then Ganief would be the solid foundations that keep everything stable! Most of you already know and have run with Ganief but for those that haven't, read on to find out a little more about Green Point parkruns resident marathoner..

1. Name
Ganief Galvaan

2. Day job
Programme Manager

3. Describe yourself in 3 words
Organised, committed and fun.

4. How and why did you get involved with parkrun
Being involved has always been part of my nature. After I volunteered for my second time, Suraj mentioned that he was looking for people to be part of the core team, and I jumped at the opportunity. I think it was largely due to the fact that I love and believe in the parkrun concept and its role in getting more and more families and individuals into a more healthy lifestyle.

5. Rewards of working with parkrun
It gives me great pleasure seeing people of all ages and abilities taking on our course, some starting with very slow walks, and then seeing how they progress from week to week. I love seeing the excitement in people as they improve their personal best performances week after week, and as some of them progress from walking to run/walking, and eventually to running. I love seeing the excitement in kids running with their parents, in elders of 70+ and 80+ years showing that they still have what it takes. I also love the fact that parkrun is not competitive, but rather social, so that everyone feels right at home regardless of ability. Lastly, the fact that it is free means that no one has a reason for not participating.

6. On weekends you'll find me..
Running a half/full marathon somewhere if there is a race on a Sunday, or the odd Saturday race if I can get off from parkrun duty. Alternatively I just do my own long run on Sundays.

7. This year I'd like to see parkrun..
Become more of a known concept attracting more people. I'd like more events to start in other parts of the country, and I would really love to see more people becoming more involved through volunteering, which is what a community event should be about.

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
Running the course with my son, both of us trying to catch up with a pram pushing mom, only managing to catch up with her 100 metres from the finish. Crucial moment!

Parkrun cone

Ganief recently underwent a small surgical procedure, which would explain his absence from the last parkrun, and is currently in recovery mode before his next marathon as well as training for the Two Oceans Ultra (and, if all goes to plan, the Comrades). The rest of the parkrun team wish him well.

See you all on Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team


Meet the team: Aneeqah Ryklief

Good morning and happy Monday, Green Point parkrunners! Hopefully everybody managed to avoid being burned to a crisp this weekend. Some unbelievably hot temperatures being recorded throughout the whole country. Some of you lot must be solar-powered because we saw the 2nd most sub-20 Top 10 finishers with 7 of the first 10 runners crossing the line in under the 20 minute mark! Incredible stuff there guys. Well done to Ernest Lotter who crossed the finish line first in 18:54 (his 2nd appearance and 2nd First place finish. Amazing) and Tracy Markham, the first lady home, who finished in 19:34.

For the next few weeks we will also be profiling the members of the Core Team here at Green Point parkrun. Some of you may have already met us but for those of you that haven't, this is your crash course introduction to the people behind the scenes at your favourite weekend event!

So, without further ado, let's introduce you to that lovely lady who provides us with stunning snaps every weekend..

1. Name
Aneeqah Ryklief

2. Day job
Fleet Assistant at Thorp Plumstead. I don't really do what my title says though. I'm more the directors PA, I supply vehicles for council (PA to director) and i'm a Marketing Assistant (PA to another director) for Thorp.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words
Weird, Abnormal, Fun.

4. How and why did you get involved with parkrun
My father does the parkrun EVERY SATURDAY! I took pictures and loaded them to a page called Cape Town Runners. Ganief, one of the core members approached me and asked me to join. Deep down inside I wanted to ask anyway, I mean, have you seen how amazingly cool their uniform looks, who wouldn't want to join?

5. Rewards of working with parkrun
I work with the most awesome people!

6. On weekends you'll find me..
Driving around, On the couch watching a movie or hiking. Sundays when there are races i'm usually up at 5 in the morning.. YAWN.

7. This year I'd like to see parkrun..

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
I have 2 actually;
Last weeks parkrun, Ganief introduces me to the runners without any warning! and my pants were way too big. I felt like Ronald McDonald. EMBARRASSING!
Then, staying behind after everyone has left has it's perks. There's a boy by the name of Joel McKenzie and it's such an amazing feeling to cheer this dude on to the finish. he walks the whole 5 km and runs at the end. I can't explain, you have to experience it for yourself.


A big thank you to Sean Falconer from Modern Athlete for stopping by to hand out copies of the latest edition. We love having you join us and I'm sure that our runners appreciate the gifts you bring!

Finally, a special shout out to any and all Green Point parkrunners that took on the Cape Peninsula half and full marathon on Sunday morning. Our very own Core Team member Ganief Galvaan ran the full marathon in a time of 4:46! Well done Ganief, the entire team is extremely proud of you!

See you all next week Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team



6 Months Old

Hey hey hey Greenpointers,

Can you believe it? We are already a full 6 months old!!

My how time has flown. But we have enjoyed every step of the way and we hope that you have too.

In this short space of time we have gone from one person running everything behind the scenes and a small group of dedicated runners to a full team of 5 core members (more on that soon) and a family of 2676 runners and growing! And none of this would be possible without the support we get from our sponsors and, more importantly, the support we get from you, the running community. So give yourselves a big round of applause.

In the coming weeks, we hope to keep this blog a bit more up to date with regular posts but we urge all of our parkrunners to follow us on twitter as well as like our facebook page in order to stay as up to date with Green Point parkrun going-on's as possible.

Catch you all next week!



New Core Team at Green Point.

Hi Greenpointers.

Our event director has left the country. Suraj Valand did a great job getting Greenpoint Parkrun up and running, and we wish him all the success in his new venture.

Greenpoint is now managed my a new team consisting of Ganief Galvaan, Ryan Short, Haley Gray and Shane Kiernan. Parkruns are run by communities, and as much as the team members are willing to dedicate their time, it requires much wider involvement to  be able to stage these events. Each week we require at least 9 people (preferably 11) on the day to ensure a successful run. This is why volunteers are so important.

If each registered member volunteers once every 3 months we would never have a shortage of helpers. We urge more people to come forward and reduce the load on the existing group. We need to keep this event alive!

Happy running :)


Route adjustment

Hi Greenpointers!

It has  become necessary for us to make a slight adjustment to the route. These affect two areas as follows:

1. The turnaround point in Somerset/Main Road has been moved out by about 50 metres,

2. The road crossing in Vlei Road over to the Cricket Field parking area has been brought forward to avoid running in the parking area.

Please go right up to the marshalls / cones and do not cut across parking areas, as it creates problems with other authorities.

See you all on Saturday ;-)


Greenpoint is the fastest growing yet again!

Hi Greenpointers!

With winter on its way out, we are seeing great numbers of new registrations each week. This is great folks! We do however need more volunteers to keep this going. Please join the volunteer pool so that our current volunteers can also enjoy running a bit more.

Suraj has done a great job getting this parkrun to where it is. Unfortunately he is leaving the country, and this will be his last week with us. Let's say goodbye to him with a huge turnout this week.

See you all on Saturday ;-)