Green Point parkrun | Cancelled 15th February 2020

We regret to inform you that this week's parkrun, Sat 15th February, has been cancelled.

We were only informed today, by local SAPS & Traffic Services, that the school event at the athletics stadium will attract 6000+ people from 05h30 onwards and that the precinct won't be able to accommodate the extra influx of people & traffic.

In the past, we have always been informed with enough notice but regrettably, on this occasion, it was not communicated until late this afternoon.

We are working hard to have an alternate route approved but until such time we may have more cancellations due to a large number of events taking place in the precinct.

We will post this message across all our channels and ask that you share this info with all your friends, family and colleagues to ensure we minimize the disappointment.

Please check our Facebook, Instagram, Website, and emails for future updates.

Thank you for volunteering this week and we hope to have your support again for our next event.

Kind Regards,

Jarrod, Chris, Melissa, Blaise, Karen, Patrick, Alex & Carol