Volunteer of the Month with Lloyd Baatjes

Hey there Green Pointers,

Hopefully you've all had a great week so far! Not long to go now until we take to the streets of Green Point and do what we do best!

So, as promised - although it's been a while since we last did this - here is your volunteer of the month for the month of June (yes, YES.. we get it. It's July. Shh.): Lloyd Baatjes.

Some of you will know Lloyd and others won't. That's ok because he spends most of his time at parkrun hidden behind a camera lens. All those lovely photos that you all enjoy so much have been captured by this man right here so take some time and get to know Lloyd!

Name: Lloyd Baatjes

Age: 35

Occupation: photographic retail Store manager

Home parkrun: Green Point

Running club: N/A

Number of parkruns: 0

PB time:0

Number of times volunteered: 6

Favourite volunteer role: photographer

What do you like about volunteering at parkrun: I get to improve my skills as a photographer

Most memorable or funniest parkrun volunteering moment: A lady didn't see me or the pole I was sitting by the one week and she nearly ran into me. If I wasn't there she would have run into the pole.

How can we improve volunteering at parkrun: have flags to show where the start is, maybe?  The way parkrun is run now is fine. No need to change anything.

Want your name up in lights as well? Red carpet treatment? Paparazzi? A legion of adoring fans? Then just drop us an email with your parkrun barcode and which date you are available to volunteer then keep an eye out on the future roster!

Remember, you still receive your points for volunteering. So those of you that are worried that volunteering might mean you take longer to reach that illustrious red 50 t-shirt, fear not.

For more information regarding volunteering, you can read up on our site in the volunteer section.

We look forward to a flood of emails from all of you!

See you on Saturday