Volunteer of the Month with Chloe Camu Kiernan

Hey Green Point parkrunners,

for those of you who read the newsletter that is emailed to you, you will be familiar with the Volunteer of the Month. Every so often, parkrun SA will put the spotlight on volunteer who has gone out of their way to ensure that their home parkrun remains a success.

Well we, here at Green Point parkrun, think that - while it's a great idea - waiting months on end to showcase our top volunteering performers is way too long! We want to give praise where praise is due and we want everybody to be able to get their 15 minutes of fame (OK, so we can probably only guarantee 5 minutes of fame TOPS, but still..) for doing their parkrun duty.

Kicking things off, we start with Volunteer of the month for May - Chloe Camu Kiernan

Name: Chloe Camu Kiernan

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

Home parkrun: Green Point

Running club: Maties

Number of parkruns: 20

PB time: 23:25

Number of times volunteered: 6

Favourite volunteer role: Marshal

What do you like about volunteering at parkrun: The volunteers are what keep parkrun events going and I enjoy being able to contribute to parkrun as it is such a great initiative.

Most memorable or funniest parkrun volunteering moment: There are far too many great moments I have experienced at parkrun but ultimately I love the sense of camaraderie among all parkrunners at each event. I have been able to meet so many friendly people!

How can we improve volunteering at parkrun: Keep the volunteer tasks as simple as possible so that volunteers can easily adapt to other volunteer roles.

Want your name up in lights as well? Red carpet treatment? Paparazzi? A legion of adoring fans? Then just drop us an email with your parkrun barcode and which date you are available to volunteer then keep an eye out on the future roster!

Remember, you still receive your points for volunteering. So those of you that are worried that volunteering might mean you take longer to reach that illustrious red 50 t-shirt, fear not.

For more information regarding volunteering, you can read up on our site in the volunteer section.

We look forward to a flood of emails from all of you!

See you on Saturday


(Disclaimer: volunteering won't secure you fortune and fame but it will get you a shout out in the run report and a deep sense of involvement when you see the faces of all the happy parkrunners. Seriously, without volunteers, we would not be able to put these events on!)