Meet the team: Ryan Short

Good afternoon Green Point parkrunners..

We hope you've all had a great week so far and are looking forward to the weekend. We know you're all jumping out of your seats to get going tomorrow morning. The weather reports seem to indicate that we're in for a pearl of a day so we hope that you all are able to join us for, possibly, the best way to start your Saturday morning. Run, jog or walk.. it all counts. And don't forget to join us for a coffee afterwards.

So let's move onto the fifth and final round of the "Meet the Team" series. This week we introduce you to Ryan Short. Many of you might recognise him as the team member who is perpetually wearing a peak cap backwards. Others might know him as an "excitable puppy" when it comes to running (a conversation can easily evolve into a lecture on this topic, especially trail and mountain running). For those of you who don't know him at all, read on for a little peek into who he is and what parkrun means to him.

1. Name
Ryan Short

2. My Job
Minion in a Digital Advertising Agency.

3. Describe myself in 3 words
Adventurous, geeky, passionate.

4. Why and how did I get involved with parkrun
A friend of mine had heard about parkrun and dragged a few of us down for the first one then a little while later I picked up an injury so I volunteered while I couldn't run and the rest is history. Still grateful to Suraj for entrusting me with the keys to the kingdom.

5. Rewards of working with parkrun
Being a part of an initiative that encourages people to move away from a sedentary lifestyle and into a more active and healthy one is the biggest reward. I could talk for days on this.. Aside from that, I have a passion for running, of all forms, and parkrun helps me indulge in that passion.

6. On weekends you'll find me..
at parkrun, enjoying a coffee somewhere, spending time with friends, exploring a mountain or forest, and definitely putting in as many trail hours as possible

7. This year I would like to see parkrun..
explode, both locally and internationally, more than it has already. It's incredible to see how many people have taken to parkrun since it's inception and I hope that it spreads to every country like wildfire. Running is the easiest form of exercise and parkrun provides the perfect, family-friendly platform for getting into it. A judgement-free, results-optional, fun-guaranteed, community-building run could never be a bad thing.

8. Favourite parkrun moment to date
Every event where I see people running when they used to walk ranks up there. parkrun may be for fun but that hasn't stopped people from pushing themselves to get better and that, in itself, is truly inspiring.

Image courtesy of Sarah Goodman.

You can keep up with Ryan's (many) rambling on running via his blog Trail & Error or his Twitter account. Or, as we love to encourage, come up and chat to any of us before or after the event. We rely on feedback from everybody, good or bad, in order to improve the event. So, if you have something to say, please drop us a line on our Facebook wall or tweet us @greenpointp.

See you on Saturday
Green Point parkrun Team