Fish Hoek parkrun #325 – 07/03/2020

It was a lovely warm summer's morning at Fish Hoek – yet again – and 310 people had a great run. It was facilitated by an excellent group of volunteers: Jillian Altern, Mark Baldwin, Gaynor Balestra, Janice Collins, Christine Dalton, Heather Dresner, Fazlyn Fester, Caroline Fouché, Neville Frieslich, Frank Gahapa, Alice Gibbons, Francesca Gibbons, Diana Gregory, Richard Healy, Bevan Lill, Karen Lill, Basil Murray, Keith Noble, Ellen Porter, Josiah Porter, Elaine Rumbak, Wendy Shannon, Helen Turner, John Turner, Theo Van De Merwe, John Watermeyer and Robin Wood.

You may view today's results here:

See you next week!