No parkrun 31 October and other milestones

This is to confirm once again that we will not have a parkrun on 31 October as there is another event at the park at that time. Our agreement with the City of Cape Town is that we will accomodate other groups from the community and that we will cancel if there will be too many people in the park. This is why this event was cancelled.

Many of us will be visiting Meerendal, a beautiful parkrun venue just outside Durbanville. It is about 10 km away from our parkrun.

Other parkrun milestones.

We have our first member of club 50 (over 50 parkruns completed) plus many juniors (under 17 years of age) that have qualified for the club 10 award. They get a certificate signed by Bruce Fordyce and the club 50 or club 100 members get a red or black t-shirt.

I expect that many Bellville parkrunners will qualify in February, March and April for club 50.

We have now completed 40 parkruns in Bellville and we are happy with the progress this year in spite of the challenges that the work in the park presented in respect of parking and our normal parkrun route. Bellville parkrun started on 17th January 2015, and since then 4,612 different runners, including participants from 84 athletics clubs, have completed 16,821 runs covering a total distance of 84,105 km, and there have been 4,226 new Personal Bests. We have almost 6700 runners registered under Bellville parkrun.

In the new year we expect to enjoy the park to the full extent again with parking for about 220 cars inside the park. Then we will be making use again of a bigger portion of the park en we will face our dreaded hill only twice in stead of the three times that we are doing  at the moment.

We would love to see you at Meerendal, but if not, we will see you on 7 November again.

Hansie Louw
Event Director


new route from Saturday 18 April 2015

Well the route will not be entirely new as we have covered almost every meter of it in the past. All that will happen is that we will run the hill three times in stead of twice. The good news is that there will be an extra downhill.

The change is necessary as there are contractors on site working in the area where we had our usual finish next to the outdoor gym equipment. That whole area is not accessible at the moment. This should help the fast runners get past the back of the pack guys more easily. We will also finish at the start. The start will move about 70 meters or so and the new route should give you a chance to be at least one minute faster than your previous best. Enjoy it with us!

The contractors are to "dig up" an underground river and to make that area of the park more beautiful. It will take three or four months to complete depending on the weather conditions.

This portion we will do twice.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 16.45.31


This portion we do only once. It may look a bit confusing, but it is fairly straight forward.

Enjoy the run with us. Our start has moved to the left, so we will do a portion of the bottom loop first (50 meters) and end at about the same place that we start from.

Screenshot 2015-04-15 16.46.33




Course record broken and 6 PB’s under top ten

Saturday was the fourth event at Bellville parkrun and 477 people completed the 5km.

The top three all ran under 20 minutes with the first lady in at 24:40min, Llonthe Andrews ran about 2 minutes faster than her previous run.

Amongst the male runners Allentino Belillie broke his previous best by 21 seconds for a new course record of 16:49 breaking the old record of 17:04 set at the first parkrun. Under the first ten athletes there were six personal bests. It was a spectacular day to get some exercise and to view the beauty!

It was great to see some old friends at the parkrun and for the new friends that we are meeting there every Saturday. Soon our new friends will also be old friends!

Dogs and babies welcome. Spectators will have a fabulous day in the park.

See you soon!



a walk or run in the park

Thank you for joining us at parkrun Bellville. The park is open from sunrise to sunset and you could walk or run there anytime. The park is safe and beautiful! Please join us there during the week as well.

Mondays at 6pm we will have a run or walk. It does not count as an official run/walk, but you could add your effort to your profile.

Tuesdays at 6pm we have a volunteer talk and walk. You are welcome to join the volunteers as well. You do not have to be there to volunteer for Saturday.

See you soon!




parkrun bellville danie uys jack muller (6)


Good weather 17th!

We expect a great turnout at our inaugural event. The weather will be great, we believe.

Join us for a great start to your year in Bellville!


Announcing the start of Bellville parkrun

Bellville parkrun starts 17 January 2015

We are delighted to announce the launch of Bellville parkrun on 17th January 2015, 8am at Jack Muller - Danie Uys Park, Bellville. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and a coffee afterwards.

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