Upgrades done – come back, please

Update 16 August - back to normal:

We are back to normal - please visit us for a great experience - 2 x heart ache hill and one small lap.




Update 1 June: 

Our route will change tomorrow for a Saturday or two depening on the weather and then it will change again slightly. It seems that half of the work is almost done, but we need a few days of sunshine for the path to  "cure"  which is to dry properly as I understand it.

I would suggest that dogs and prams do not visit us now. The road is going to be narrow at some places and extremely congested as a result of that.

Hansie Louw

Event Director

Temporary Bellville parkrun 2 June 2018




Update 17 May :

Judging from the current progress it may still take 2 - 3 months to complete the process contrary to the two months as originally planned.

So sorry about this. We keep on running, but it is still congested.


Temporary Bellville parkrun

From about 18 April 2018 our fantastic park will be getting an upgrade on certain of the walkways which forms part of our route. This will lead to further congestion as we may have less runners (we suggest that you visit another parkrun or two during this time), but we will all compete for the same space, well not all of us, but it will be full! During this time dogs will not be welcome as is normally the case - so sorry about that. Strollers and racing/running/walking prams will not be able to do the route with comfort so we suggest that you leave those at home as well.

We will keep you updated in terms of the progress and our day normal which we trust will not be longer than 8 weeks. The course will have to be adjusted as the work progresses in the different areas so we cannot give you a final course at this time. We will explain it carefully every Saturday before the run. You are welcome at Bellville, but know that you will have to be more patient during the run. Hansie Louw 082 776 5462