No parkrun 31 October and other milestones

This is to confirm once again that we will not have a parkrun on 31 October as there is another event at the park at that time. Our agreement with the City of Cape Town is that we will accomodate other groups from the community and that we will cancel if there will be too many people in the park. This is why this event was cancelled.

Many of us will be visiting Meerendal, a beautiful parkrun venue just outside Durbanville. It is about 10 km away from our parkrun.

Other parkrun milestones.

We have our first member of club 50 (over 50 parkruns completed) plus many juniors (under 17 years of age) that have qualified for the club 10 award. They get a certificate signed by Bruce Fordyce and the club 50 or club 100 members get a red or black t-shirt.

I expect that many Bellville parkrunners will qualify in February, March and April for club 50.

We have now completed 40 parkruns in Bellville and we are happy with the progress this year in spite of the challenges that the work in the park presented in respect of parking and our normal parkrun route. Bellville parkrun started on 17th January 2015, and since then 4,612 different runners, including participants from 84 athletics clubs, have completed 16,821 runs covering a total distance of 84,105 km, and there have been 4,226 new Personal Bests. We have almost 6700 runners registered under Bellville parkrun.

In the new year we expect to enjoy the park to the full extent again with parking for about 220 cars inside the park. Then we will be making use again of a bigger portion of the park en we will face our dreaded hill only twice in stead of the three times that we are doing  at the moment.

We would love to see you at Meerendal, but if not, we will see you on 7 November again.

Hansie Louw
Event Director