Alberts Farm parkrun future volunteer roster

Here is the volunteer roster for the next few weeks. If you'd like to take a particular spot, simply email To find out more, visit the volunteer page. Details about what particular roles do on the day can be found by clicking on the role name below, or visiting the volunteering section of the parkrun support site.

Future roster

 24 August 201931 August 20197 September 201914 September 201921 September 201928 September 2019
Run Directorno eventMartin PEETJulian SOLOMONPaul CLARKPaul CLARKMartin PEET
First Timers Briefingno eventMartin PEETJulian SOLOMONPam BOWDENPaul CLARKMartin PEET
Timekeeperno eventBronwen BERNARDVictor RODRIGUESBronwen BERNARD
Timekeeperno event
Finish Tokensno eventYola BASTIMANDiana RODRIGUES
Funnel Managerno eventJames MEAKINGS
Otherno eventNadine SINEQUANBronwen BERNARD
Barcode Scanningno eventBronwen BERNARDGermaine BOTESBronwen BERNARD
Barcode Scanningno eventSusan GOLDSTEINJames MEAKINGS
Token Sortingno eventAngela LANGSusan MASUKUBeatrice REDANTBeatrice REDANTKimberleigh JARVIS
Token Sortingno eventJudy VILJOENRiana VISSEREtienne REDANTEtienne REDANT
Marshalno eventAmanda RENWICKJustin JONESTrevor ASHWORTHRiana VISSER
Tail Walkerno eventDeirdre JOSIPOVICKendra JARVISLynne GERSONJustin JONES
Tail Walkerno eventGeordan HARRIS
Photographerno eventJustus ORTLEPPRichard LOMAXRichard LOMAX
Sign Language Supportno eventMayleen VINCENT-BESTER
Event Day Course Checkno eventGeordan HARRISDiana RODRIGUESPaul CLARK
Car Park Marshalno eventEric GALAWEEric GALAWEEric GALAWEEric GALAWEEric GALAWE
Car Park Marshalno eventSusan GOLDSTEIN
Results Processorno eventKathy SOLENadine SINEQUANDiana RODRIGUESPaul CLARKKathy SOLE
Equipment Storage and Deliveryno eventMartin PEETJulian SOLOMONPaul CLARKPaul CLARKMartin PEET
Volunteer Co-ordinatorno eventKimberleigh JARVISKimberleigh JARVISKimberleigh JARVISKimberleigh JARVISKimberleigh JARVIS