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Hi everyone, if you are still awaiting your results please let the email know your time and position and more important your barcode number.
We will try to add you in as soon as possible. One of our scanners accidentally lost results so we have to make the best we can do. We apologise for the delay and ask for your patience while we sort it out.


Christmas Day – 2017

For many of us, the Festive Season is a time of overeating and indulging, with regrets and "shouldn't haves" afterwards...


This year, Alberts Farm parkrun will help you to NOT feel bad about the extras you will be consuming!


Join us at 8:00am on Christmas Day for a run/walk.  Bring your family and friends, dress up and have an early start to your day.


Just in case you were wondering...  Yes, this run will be recorded and added to your parkrun totals.  Another step closer to your next milestone!


See you at Alberts Farm for a fun-filled morning on 25 December 2017!


Alberts Farm parkrun Launch

Alberts Farm Inaugural Parkrun kicked off on Saturday with a warm welcome to over 200 people - on a nippy morning..

Link to video.

After introductions from Bruce Fordyce and our very own Mike Tippett whose the Alberts Farm Run Director we started or awesome new run and it was great.

Our inaugaral parkrun here

Well we knew David Ashworth would win and he has made our first record at 20m : 11s not too shabby but we have a feeling it's a record that will be challenged soon. We had a 50th parkrunner and ton of newbies, it was an awesome start.

Remember though these are just the show offs, for the rest of us normal folk the spirit of parkrun is just to have fun and beat your own best time.

There are a ton of photo's on the new Alberts Farm parkrun facebook page

We are also on twitter, come follow us:


Albert’s Farm community ready for parkrun

Sunday 10th August 2014 saw a flurry of activity at Albert’s Farm as the parkrun volunteers and a band of merry runners took part in a “dry run” for the launch of the event! With lots of excitement and nervous anticipation,  the 5km course had been laid out, with “eco friendly” markers, the start and finish area set out and we were ready for our start. Ther runners and walkers were ready to start and after a briefing took off!!

It was a beautiful morning and each and every one of the runners/walkers set off to test the new Alberts Farm parkrun course! As each one completed the course, barcodes and positions were scanned as per a full event! Everything worked perfectly and the was a firm belief that we are ready for the launch on the 16th!

The course was the main topic of conversation after the event and every one felt that it was a most beautiful course and all runners/walkers should take the time to challenge the course.

Don’t forget we are always looking for additional volunteers to assist on a rotational basis. Even volunteers get their 500 Vitality point.

To register logon and register at:


What the parkrun means to me!

The weekly parkrun’s have certainly taken on a new dimension and meaning for me. Not only has it become a regular Saturday morning fixturefor me, but a time where I spend connecting with my wife who passed away on the 3rd May 2014 at 8.30 on the Saturday morning. She had completed one parkrun in November 2013

Les was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 8 years ago. She had chemo every year subsequently and in the last 4 years the longest period she went without chemo treatment was 3 months. She was a fighter and vowed to fight and beat the disease. All she wanted from life was to have some quality of life, to complete the Argus cycle race and to be a little bit healthy and fit and do the parkrun’s.

In September 2013 she completed chemo treatment and in November we spent some quality time at the coast and she managed to complete her one and only parkrun at Big Bay. This was such an achievement for her and she was really so proud of her accomplishment. Sadly she never got to complete an Argus cycle Race.

During my run every Saturday morning, I use the time to reflect on our lives together. We travelled a lot when the times were good and loved the outdoors. As I run and battle through each step of the 5km it helps me to reflect back on how she battled every step of the fight against the disease. I will run every week until I each 50 runs and then 100 and until I can't run any longer. Les continued “running” until she could no longer!

Les, every parkrun I do, and every step I run is for you. You taught us all so much in life. How valuable life is, how to fight for it and how quickly it can be taken away from you!,

At present I am instrumental in setting up the Albert's Farm parkrun. It is a park you loved walking in and found so much solitude in. Every run that takes place there will be for you and we will know that you are walking with us.

Attached is a photo of Les doing her one and only Parkrun at Big Bay in Cape Town. It will be a day I will never forget!

- Mike Tippett (Alberts Farm parkrun Director)

Les Tippett at Parkrun - November 2013
Les Tippett at Parkrun - November 2013
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